The Express Festival in Lahore – by H.A. Khan

Lively people and lively nations always celebrate their events and festivals with all the joy and pleasures. Three days ago when the renowned newspaper The Express started the Express Family Festival in Lahore at the Fortress Stadium, our people stormed there and showed that they are always ready to enjoy the happy moments with full zeal and zest.

When there is absence of good news and abundance of terrifying news of bamb and suicide attacks, this festival indeed brought a ray of hope for us, i.e., though we are confronting so many odds yet we can always enjoy life with all these festivities.

It has been reported that thousands of people waited in long queues to enter in this wonderful event. Let me congratulate the whole team of The Express Group and Mr. Abbas Athar for this historic event. This truly depicts that our nation is a lively nation, a Zinda Dil Qaum.

I personally want to share one important thing here. I had visited on the Pakistan Pavilion at Dubai Shopping festival four days back and at first I was a bit scared that I will not be able to find many people due to all these news, but the next moment I found myself wrong as I saw a huge packed rush of the people. I saw that people of many nationalities were buying Pakistani stuf and eating the mouth watering food stuff from food corner. It made me so proud that even we are facing odds but still our people are working too much hard to give them a good and positive name and due to this hard work they are also attaining this.

I must proudly say that our people had always a great example for all the great assignments in many fields. Its always a proud and healthier sign for the future positive prospects of our nation.

2 responses to “The Express Festival in Lahore – by H.A. Khan”

  1. Cultural activities like these serve to promote a greater purpose than just mere entertainment. These activities bring us closer to each other in a way which cannot be achieved in drawing rooms. Such healthy cultural activities also serve to curb the element of fascism and extremism in our nation.