Is it fair to compare corruption of Pakistani politicians with corruption of Pakistani Generals?

Ghost of TK writes:

I can appreciate the need to tone down the rhetoric re: the military now, but then that rule would give a loophole to those who say, wait for the things to get better before we restore the judiciary.

Anyways, I think comparing the corruption in general population with corruption in the most lavishly funded institution which has controlled the levers of power for all of its existence and hobbled the political progress every step of the way is not only unfair but also comparing apples to oranges.

The example here is of a man bound and gagged and put in solitary confinement cell, tortured every day… and once every 5 years he’s taken out and told to walk… and then his tormentors (the military establishment) beat him more because he can’t speak or stand up properly because he has been so weakened because of the horrendous tortures he has endured at the hands of his tormentors who then proceed to lock him back up “because he’s not fit to be released as he demonstrated that he couldn’t walk or speak”

We the Pakistani nation are that abused individual, and the history shows that these things magically correct themselves under revolutionary circumstances. Iranian revolution is a good example. A few most hated jurnails killed like dogs on the streets of Tehran put the fear of god (and the chain of command) in the rest of them and they have NEVER tried to usurp power or commit treasonous acts unlike their Pakistani counterparts who frequently do it with impunity (” The Brave Pakistani Jurnail”, a breed that also hails from the same US bootlicking stock that the shah’s jurnails used to come from pre-revolution : cowardly, corrupt and greedy to the core)

Our reform will start with a consistent education system, our education system can’t be set until people’s representatives set priorities. People’s representatives are prohibited, at pistol point from leading the people, power is usurped from them, and after raping the country, the rapists like Musharraf are allowed to walk away scott free.

And we give each other lectures on the negative effects our “complaining” may have on the morale of the poor soldiers.

Well, isn’t 60 years a long enough time to stay quiet for the sake of our soldiers who should not have been giving their tacit support — by staying criminally silent — during every TREASON committed against the republic and the constitution of Pakistan?

We should also demand answers for a change. And an accounting for our blood, sweat and tears that we gave to maintain this army of our “protectors” who have done nothing but to betray us and ravage us and bring us to the brink of destruction.


mibrahim Says:
December 25th, 2008 at 3:30 pm

“the politicians are in better position to deal with army than their predecessors”.

I wish and hope that your expectations comes true. However, I think you are too optimistic.

Overall, level of political leadership, awareness of an average political worker and most importantly, faith and confidence of masses on political leadership is much much weaker than in the past.

In the past we had intellactual, progressive writers who, one by one have gone (like Jalib, Faiz etc.) and were not even given chance to produce substitute for themselves. They were beaten and send to exile. They were replaced by right wingers pseudointellactuals who have fabricated our history and worked to falsify the political basis of 47 partition.

We had progressive students, labour union and professionals etc. All such forums have been destroyed and given in the hands of right wing vultures.

Political parties, which were progressive like PPP by themselves has leaders like Rahman Malik, Babar Awan and etc. substituting Sheikh Rasheed, Dr. Mubashir Hassan, Mairaj etc. of past. They are willing to batray their own people as efficiently as Jamatis of the past.
This pathetic leadership and acts of so called liberals has forced many good people to develop expectations from NS and IK. It is all due to a big vacuum of leadership in liberal wings by themselves that people, their intellact and emotion are in the hands of partially intellectulized, half mullah, half liberal, semi confused leadership like IK.