Question: Who gains from pandemonium in the National Assembly?

Abid Sher Ali

I was left aghast after seeing the pictures of Chaudhry Abid Sher Ali attacking members of MQM in the national assembly and seeing various members trying to control him. Others who were belligerent from the PML-N included Hanif Abbasi and Shafqat Hussain Baloch. The headlines in various newspapers read like this:

Qaumi Assembly mayn badtareen hungama; PML-N aur MQM arkaan mayn dheenga mushti; galion ka tabadla; Aik doosray kee qayadat par sangeen ilzamat” – Jang

MQM, PML-N turn NA into spectacle – Dawn

NA erupts as PML-N, MQM legislators scuffle – The News

NA turns into battlefield; MQM, PML-N MNAs use abusive language, level serious allegations against each other after Nisar’s adverse remarks against MQM – Daily Times

National Assembly: PML-N, MQM stopped short of a physical feud – Express Tribune

These are some of the headlines from leading newspapers. One thing is very clear that the person who instigated all this was none other than leader of opposition, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan.

According to Dawn, “It all started when Opposition Leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, who had initially taken the floor to oppose the government’s move to present the controversial Defence Housing Authority Bill, 2007, started heaping scorn on the MQM terming it a “fascist and terrorist party with a militant wing and involved in extortion”. He said there had been no-go areas in Karachi.
“We will not let anyone bully us and will expose MQM’s true face not only in the assembly, but outside parliament and even in Karachi,” Chaudhry Nisar said while referring to the Supreme Court’s Oct 6 verdict in the suo motu case on the law and order situation in Karachi and allegations levelled against the MQM by former provincial home minister Dr Zulfikar Mirza. He said after the SC verdict the MQM owed a reply to the nation about its involvement in terrorism and extortion.”
According to Express Tribune, ” The sordid episode began when Leader of the Opposition Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan of the PML-N criticised MQM chief Altaf Hussain for a statement in which he accused the PML-N of trying to bring a no-trust motion against Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani.
Nisar then ridiculed Altaf and his party for constantly quitting and rejoining the government. He also called MQM a fascist party that maintains a militant wing to further its politics by spreading terror.
But what really enraged MQM’s Sajid Ahmad were Nisar’s indirect comments on Altaf Hussain’s personal life.”
Daily Times reports that “lawmakers from both the parties indulged in levelling allegations and abusive language against each other triggered by Opposition Leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan’s threatening remarks against MQM”
Even the PML-N friendly and supporter Jang writes “Qaumi Assembly mayn kasheedgi ka nukta-e-aghaz darasl who tha jab Chaudhry Nisar Ali ney nukta-e-aitraz par kaha kay MQM kee taraf say jis tarah say zaatiat say mutaalqa maamlat floor per uthaye jatay hayn aur jo zaban istamal kee jati hay, hum ainda bardasht nahee Karen gay aur aisa karnay walon ka giraybaan tak hamaray hath puhanchayn gay”.

All newspapers and video clips point to the fact that after Sajid Hussain from MQM replied, Chaudhry Abid Sher Ali acted like a wild child and tried attacking the MQM members. He was joined by Hanif Abbasi and Shafqat Hussain Baloch. Abid Sher Ali acted like ghunda, to put it in perspective. He was even seen hurling books at MQM members.

Please see the clips below:


The question we need to ask is that who gains from such pandemonium or to put it honestly, ghunda gardi? It seems that in their desperation, the PML-N has decided to ensure that they stall proceedings everywhere. Their ghunda elements like Hanif Abbasi and Abid Sher Ali will stop at nothing to give the whole parliament a bad name and allow the mindless media to repeatedly play the clips and further call democracy as not the solution.

5 responses to “Question: Who gains from pandemonium in the National Assembly?”

  1. PMLN has only one agenda now, to derail the set up before Senate elections.

    in ki daal nahin galne waali

  2. Here we go, our chattering class has begun their work. Thank you PML-N!!!

    Omar Waraich
    Pakistan joins S.Korea, Ukraine, India, Kenya, Russia, U’istan, Lebanon & others in the list of parliamentary punch-ups

  3. I hope that Next governament will be from PML-N.
    but they should not be exposed themselves like this.they are a national party.
    MQM ki to koi auqaat hi nhn hai, koizaban nhn aur na hi koi deen-eemaan hai. they are always interested in govt. to govern/ rule Karachi nothing else.

  4. PML is now totally exposed as a national party still not accepting people who was elected by the public like MQM,PPP,PML,ANP,Jamat etc, along way to go if proceed like this…..
    @hurrah its nice that we have independent media showing reality and feel really pity on u keeping in mind that its really hard to digest truth…As a nation we are very unfortunate that we have thoughts with baised approach. if we want to become nation of pride let people do their work, do positive and healthy criticizm.

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