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Sexy Islamism |ˈseksē ˈisləˌmizəm; ˈiz-| |ˈseksē ˈɪsləˈmɪzəm| |ˈseksē ˈɪzləˈmɪzəm| noun

  • Like conventional Islamism, Sexy Islamism is a political ideology that holds that Islam is not only a religion but also a political and economic system. In addition to this, Sexy Islamism is also a genre of rock music and a fashion aesthetic.
  • Sexy Islamism is noted for its use of Fashion and Pop Icons (such as Ali Azmat and Maria B.) to propagate its Islamist message. A prephiery of minor fashionistas and MTV VJs are increasingly become Sexy Islamists.
  • According to leading Sexy Islamism theorist Anas Abbas, Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid is a leading pioneer of Sexy Islamism.

Maria B.’s new “Ghaza-e-Hind” collection

This Sexy Islamist is the new bassist for Ali Azmat

Quotes on Sexy Islamism:

  • “I am with Zaid Hamid because he does not stop me from anything.” Maria B. on Sexy Islamism
  • “The revolution will be right back after these messages from our sponsors.” Ali Azmat on his show ‘Iqbal ka Pakistan’
  • “Political Parties are not allowed in Islam” MTV Pakistan VJ Faizan-ul-Haq, ‘Wake Up Pakistan’ Karachi edition
  • “I’ve never met an Islamist I didn’t find sexy! Or a goat, for that matter.” Osama Bin Ladin

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