Vidpk – Involving Pakistan into the new media -by Mahjabeen Sheikh

Pakistan is blessed with talented people in all fields including TV artists. Since TV was launched 40 years ago, PTV and other channels have given the audience some excellent plays which have won several awards. These renowned artists have not only worked in these plays but in several others, where they along with country’s best producers and directors have shown how great they are in their field. To project their work and the plays they have performed till the date, www.VIDPK.COM has launched a portal where profiles of Pakistan’s famous celebs are available. You can browse through the details of your favorite artists and get to know more about them just by a few clicks. It has launched a new portal with around 1,000 Pakistani TV artists.
Online media is a good tool especially for the Youth of Pakistan which is helpful to get anything they want within seconds as compared to the TV, where one have to wait for the proper segment e.g. if someone wants to know about the weather update he/she would have to wait for that segment on the television news and on web/internet one can easily get any information needed in just seconds. VIDPK is providing same facilities to our viewers who are busy in their personal lives and don’t have time in this busy schedule for the TV. Now, our viewers can see drama serials, comedy shows or talk shows whenever they got free time or they got rid from their work. It’s  full time entertainment without any charges. I also want to thank Let us Build Pakistan Team for their achievements in the online media department of Pakistan.