Nusrat Javeed’s article on Imran Khan, his Dharna politics & abusive supporters

Source: Daily Express

7 responses to “Nusrat Javeed’s article on Imran Khan, his Dharna politics & abusive supporters”

  1. Nusrat Javeed there are very few Jialas there on TV perhaps only you & Arshad Sharif
    Rest are all production of AABPARA!
    Keep it up we are with you
    Take care

  2. Not sure what’s Nusrat’s issue with Imran?

    May be some one can eloborate on Imran’s journey from Taliban Khan, to Hitler to Son in Law of Zionist Jews?

    Jiyala or Niwala or Qawala, journalism ought to be fair but Nusrat seems to only target Imran, WHY?

  3. Bravo! Nusrat is facing abuses and threats from the the janisaran-e-Jamat Islami (Imran Group on social networks on daily basis, the neo-jamat Islamists have also abused renowned progressive columnist Hameed Akhtar too for his column on the way he was treated in Imran Khan’s Mansura, the cancer hospital.

  4. Nusrat’s hand is on the pulse of establishment. He understands their moves. Imran is the new chess piece of establishment, but Nusrat is committed to check this piece. Lets see who wins:)

  5. I would like to give my vote to Imran instead of voting PPP, MQM, PML or ANP. ATleast he also deserves the right to loot Pakistan democratically. 😛

    And I also think that its impossible for him to get majority votes unless he patches up with existing “HIGHLY PATRIOTIC LEADERS”. But Still, I will vote for him, provided my vote will not be casted prior to my real vote 😛

  6. this Video should be Enough for PPL who asks What Imran has Achieved by the Protests against Drone Attacks..????..Shame on them….Learn from Non-Muslims Pakistanis.