Christians and Sharia Law – by Agnes Massey

I feel a great passion for our voiceless Christian Community and always raise my voice boldly. JUI-F lawmaker Mrs. Asia Nasir, a Christian MNA from Balochistan visited Canada who was being sponsored by CCA (NGO).

During the session of questions and answers which was in their meeting’s Agenda. Being lawyer High Court Lahore Pakistan, I asked time to explain Sharia law. We all living abroad trying very hard, some how to get together on one platform for our suffering brethren in Pakistan , I raised a question about Sharia Law which should not be applicable on Christians because according to our HOLY SCRIPTURES we are not allowed to embrace other sharia.

This law is not applicable on Christians in Nigeria & Indonisia.These Islamic Countries formed a Precedent which Pakistan should also follow and exempt this law to Christian Community because according to the Constitution of Pakistan we are free to practice our religion.

2. we are natives of Pakistan and we are not immigrants. Muslim, Sikhs and Hindu communities on the declaration of India and Pakistan, migrated but Christians did not go any where .When Muslims came from India to Pakistan, we were already there because Pakistan is our native country.

Therefore, immigrants have no right to impose any law on natives. That was issue which I was going to explain in the meeting arranged by CCA for Mrs. Asia Nasir,MNA so that she could do something for NATIVE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY but I am very sad to say that Secretary of CCA did not give me time to explain to the nation and to the honourable lady that she could ask her party for justice and equal rights to native Christians living in Pakistan.

3. Other countries like North America, Europe and Australia gave special rights to Native Indians, the same way Mohammed Ali Jinnah gave equal rights to all people living in Pakistan. ( this was a DEED which Quaid-e-Azam wrote) It is mandatory that after the death of a person who wrote WILL, no body can change it. How Pakistan did, it is totally unacceptable and against law.
She didn’t response.

Mrs. Asia Nasir belongs to the party of Maulana Fazal-u-Rahman’s Jamat-e-Islami which is Mullahs party. This is the party who don’t want amendment of blasphemy law.

This is the party who forced Prime Minister and President of Pakistan not to touch Sharia Law , it will stay as it is …

As the whole community knows from Shanti Nager up to Martyred Shahbaz Bhatti ,Minister for Minorities Affairs and many more men & women are suffering in jails on false accusations of blasphemy laws on the personal revenge and extreme
hatred of culprits.

Bottom line is this why CCA invited this woman ,the party she belongs is against Christianity. What is their motive?

Agnes Massey

Lawyer, High Court LHR, Pakistan



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