A young activist beaten by militants in the streets of Multan

Dear All,

A young human rights activist and the founder member of Progressive Youth Forum, and worker of Awami Party Pakistan Mr. Falak Ali who has been a prominent social and religious critic since the religious extremism has grown in society was badly beaten along with his friend Mr. Muzamil in Multan in an attack by some unknown people who were against his activism of working on religious and sexual minorities in Multan.

It was quite serious, they were almost hospitalized, but allowed home very immediately but their bodies are still having the red marks of sticks and rods. As for the cause, it was linked to his work on sexual and religious minorities.

His organization “Neegar Society” is more direct. “The family and his colleagues connect the attack with his human rights activities.”

“The brutal attack on young human rights activists is yet another indication of the appalling insecurity in which non-violent critics of the religious extremism and to up loud the voice for the rights of LGBT is not an easy task but our friends are paying it off by getting harsh beat in the streets.

My heart is bleeding to see that we leftists and progressive people are shattered and having no unity even within us and many issues like this go un-noticed and we remain silent. We are the products of hardships, we are the result of sacrifices, we are the outcome of intensives struggles then why our fellows are beaten badly?? Why cannot we stop it?? Why do not we show solidarity?? And why do not we face those brutal tyrants??

Irony of whole scene is that, during all this action, Police (riyasati mohafiz) who were present there, did not bother to stop those people and closed their eyes in the scorching day light.

However, *Progressive Youth Forum (PYF)* is urging all the progressive forces to have a planned meeting within few days for action to safeguard young political and human rights activists with a hope that this mail will not be ignored and you all will share your valuable ideas to make an action plan and will suggest something about meeting up soon!

Kind Regards,

*Abdullah Dayo*
National Coordinator
Progressive Youth Forum



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