KESC Labour union defies ethnic divide – by Ali Arqam

The devil’s advocate in Pakistan mainstream media TV channels and newspaper reporters are misinforming people on the strife between KESC workers and incompetent but very powerful administration.

Notwithstanding their pledges and agreements with the Govt. after taking charge of KESC the Abraaj group is busy with the shameful tactics of appeasing  political parties by offering high profile posts and attractive salaries via their representatives to their relatives, brothers, sons and affiliates. Journalists were conciliated by making a trip to Dubai on corporation’s expenses, and newspapers were granted advertisement packages.

Kudos! to Dailytimes and CNBC News for covering labour Unions sit in near Governor house and highlighting their issues.

While it is very encouraging that KESC labor unions have defied the ethnic divide predominating the megapolis political scene and have kept laborer from all ethnic group intact, as the elected CBA and various Union bodies are representing thousands of laborers from all the ethnic groups, Balochs, Punjabis, Kashmiris, Urdu speakers, Pashtuns and Hazareywaals.

It also debunks the vicious face of various interest groups and thugs who resorts to violence and killings in the name of ethnic conflicts and selling this via their accomplices in the mainstream media.

While the management is on delaying tactics, sham negotiations,unbending anti-laborer stance, pressuring and maneuvering the civilian authorities to suppress the protesting workers, greased media and TV reporters palms, people’s representatives from the city are apathetic to the workers predicaments.

Though PPP Karachi leadership has participated in their sit in but they need to stand by their side to end this deadlock and address workers grievances. A party with strong footings in the working class should not abandon their rightful demands and do not let them on the mercy of those whose track record is not considerable when it comes to the rights of working class.

The perverted “civil society”  narrative in Pakistan comprising  some NGO’s, charities and advocacy groups is  unwrapped when they turn a blind eye on the protests of  labor Unions, knowing that labor unions are an integral part of the domain of  “Civil Society”.

But in Islamic republic like other things, the very concept of “civil society” too is a farce, hence working as an instrument of the State.




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