No honeymoon period: Muslim girl in danger after marrying Christian

Majeeda also threatened to commit suicide along with her husband if they were not given justice.

GUJRANWALA: A local teacher has approached police officials, after she began receiving death threats for marrying outside the faith.

According to police officials, Khokhar Ki resident Majeeda Bibi married a colleague Bashir Masih last year without informing her family. “She told us that she and Bashir had a court marriage and then fled the area,” said Police Inspector Javed Bhutta. “Majeeda said that she had been on the run for several months after her husband was attacked when one of her relatives found out where he lived,” Bhutta said.

On Saturday afternoon, Majeeda sought police protection after she had begun receiving death threats from her family members. Majeeda said that she had been on the run since August last year after her family began chasing the couple.

“Several months later, one of my cousins found my husband and beat him nearly to death. He was in the hospital for three months and then he fled to live with one of his relatives for his protection.

We decided that I would follow a little later,” she told police. Majeeda said that she sought refuge with a distant relative but that recently she had been exposed and her brother and cousins had begun calling her and threatening her life. “I think they know where I am and are coming for me so I approached police,” she said.

Majeeda also told police officials that her family had lodged several fake cases against her husband. She said that they accused him of rape, kidnapping and of stealing property.
“All the charges are fake they simply want police to help them find him so they can kill him,” she said. Majeeda said that she had already refuted all the cases against her husband in a magistrate court.

“She has charged Javed Saleem, Mushtaq Daood, Shahid Bhatti and two of her brothers Ali and Kashif of having planned to kill her and her husband,” Bhutta said. “We have lodged her case and are searching for the accused. Meanwhile, she has refused to tell us where her husband is and says she doesn’t know herself,” he said. Bhutta said that on Sunday, police officials shifted Majeeda to a Darus Salam for her protection.

Majeeda said that she was fearful her relatives would begin attacking her in-laws in order to discover her husband’s whereabouts. “My father-in-law and sister-in-law have already shifted away from the district,” she said. Majeeda also threatened to commit suicide along with her husband if they were not given justice. She has appealed to the chief minister and Chief Justice for assistance in this regard.

The names of the victims have been altered to protect their identities

Published in The Express Tribune, July 18th, 2011.



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