Return of the MQM – PPP haters in state of shock


"Yeh shehar humara hay, mayn hoon passban iss ka"

MQM, the largest political party from Karachi is the most reliable foe of the current political set up. It gets upset on matters which can only be termed as wacky. They leave the coalition basing their decisions on the matters only to return in due course of time. Be it the imposition of RGST to the statement of Zulfikar Mirza or the mindless AJK elections, MQM leaves the coalition, its ministers resign, there is a lot of commotion with expectations (read: prayers)  that the current political set up will fail and the assemblies will be sent packing. All the prayer leaders on TV, news analysts and political orphans paint doomsday scenario that the “end is near” with their hypothesis that as the MQM has left the government and now the government doesn’t have the necessary numbers to function, the PPP government must go.


Coming the recent most MQM decision to leave the government was most interesting. The timing was just few days after the finance bill for 2012 was passed with their due support with the plea that MQM was being forced to give up one of the two AJK seats in Karachi. What was different this time was that Ishrat ul Ebad resigned as governor, unlike the previous times.  After they left the government, MQM’s representatives started calling the PPP as responsible for all the ills facing the country with someone saying “Agar bus ka driver hee bus ko khaai mayn giranay kay dar pay ho, to passenger kya Karen?” or in English


“If the bus driver (government, Zardari) are hell bent on making the bus (country) to fall into a ravine, what could a passenger (MQM) do”.


After their decision to leave the government, Karachi went through hell with nearly 200 people being killed over the last twenty days. MQM blamed the ANP and PPP; PPP blamed target killers; ANP blamed the MQM and what not. It just went on and on. The city was paralyzed and the whole nation was perplexed with what will happen.


To top it off, Zulfikar Mirza made a statement which was just not necessary. At times one has to be tactful, but Zulfikar Mirza went overboard! The result was more killings! The killings only stopped when Altaf Hussain “appealed” calm and all calmed down. MQM did prove that they control the city, come what may!


With nothing much that could be done, the PPP went into overdrive in the name of reconciliation. On Monday, July 18, 2011, the MQM has decided to allow Ishrat ul Ebad to resume on his position of Governor Sindh.


The media and PPP haters are dumbstruck. Hamid Mir’s face was down. Ansar Abbasi wants to go back for Umra. Mir Shakil’s getting a hair transplant as his wig regularly falls down whenever the PPP refuses to fall. PML-N’s dreams of a grand opposition alliance have been shattered once again.


Off course, now guns will again be pointed towards the government as to why they are taking the MQM back if they are the trouble makers. If I look at it objectively, it is MQM which will earn a bad name as they claim to be leaving on principles all the time, only to return within few days.


In the end, the blame lies largely with MQM for what has transpired in the city in the last twenty days. Were the two AJK seats so important that you keep the whole city hostage for so many days with dozens killed?

Another interesting point that has been raised is the use of Israeli weapons in Karachi. The discussions will now somehow be directed in the direction of a “Yahood-o-Hunood-o-Nasara Conspiracy” with all fingers being pointed towards US.


Governor Sindh Ishrat-ul-Ibad to "resume" work

I want to express my heartfelt condolences to families of all those who lost their lives. My sympathies also go with the right wing media whose yet another prayer has gone a begging.

MQM-PPP ties: Dr Ishratul Ibad to return to Governor Sindh post

Published: July 18, 2011

KARACHI: MQM Chief Altaf Hussain has directed Dr Ishratul Ibad to return to his office as Governor Sindh on Monday.

Dr Ishratul Ibad has reportedly accepted this direction, and will take up his responsibilities following his return to Pakistan tonight.

The MQM chief’s order came after a request by President Asif Ali Zardari, say sources. The president had said that Ishratul Ibad’s return to the governor post will strengthen democracy.

President’s spokesperson Farhatullah Babar said MQM’s decision will promote reconciliation. “Ibad’s return will help improve law and order,” Babar said.

MQM parliamentary leader Faisal Sabzwari said MQM will stay in opposition in the National Assembly and Sindh Assembly.

MQM leader Raza Haroon said stability in Karachi and Sindh is very important. “Governor will work to restore peace in Karachi,” said Haroon.

He said MQM’s decision to sit in opposition was based on principle stand. “We wish to be allowed to work in the opposition,” he added.

The PML-N who had supported the MQM’s shift into the opposition has criticized this new development.

“The PML-N had feared the MQM would return to the government…sitting in the opposition is not easy,” said PML-N spokesman Ahsan Iqbal in response to the news.

This step may likely be a first move in an MQM-PPP patch-up after a fallout during the recent AJK elections that resulted in the MQM joining the opposition in parliament and the Sindh Assembly.

The relationship between the two parties had also taken a hit following controversial anti-MQM statements made by senior Sindh Minister Zulfiqar Mirza resulting in violent protests in Karachi.





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