Hazara’s ethnic cleansing

By Asif Pathan

I received an email from one my friend who ethnically belongs to Hazara tribe living in Quetta. I felt the pain they are going through now.

The contents of email is as follows ‘ I am badly terrified. I just can not decide what to do. I occasionally go to my workplace, just whenever needed. Rest I work from home. The worst part is that we do not know who and where the enemies are. That drives us crazy. The government is sleeping. we are badly in the pressure of Taliban and its associated terrorist groups.

They keep killing the Hazara people and so far not even a single person has been arrested. It seems that the intelligence agencies are also helping the target killers. The series started on May 2.

They attacked the children in a playground and people on morning walk near Hazara Town graveyard. 7 including a woman were killed and several injured. They kept firing for 20 minutes and launched rockets from the main Western By-Pass road, just about 200 meter away from FC check post on one side and about 500 meter to police check post on the other side.

Once of these killed was from my sub-tribe. The second one was firing on fruit/vegetable merchants who were coming back from the main fruit/vegetable market Hazarganji. Another target killing on Spiny road, just few yards from a police check post and a 100 meter from the DIG Operation Office. 02 policeman killed and 04 including a woman and a child injured. One of the police man Ishaq Ali was son of my father’s Aunt. An ASI was killed in a target killing he was also form my sub-tribe.

The Olympian Boxer and Deputy Director General Pakistan Sports Board, Syed Ibrar Hussain Shah, a Good friend of mine and my ex-neighbour was killed last week in a target killing at Ayub Stadium.

As I am writing this email, also listening to news on TV about a firing on pilgrims of Hazaras going to Iran at about 5:00 today. Three were killed and 11 injured.


Source: Pakistan Observer



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