FIR against Mrs. Arif Nizami: A specimen of moral bankruptcy of media owners in Pakistan

Nizami family is always known for its close relationship with Pakistan's military establishment.

Here is a copy of an FIR (First Investigation Report) which has been provided to LUBP through a reliable source. Our source claims that the report is 100% authentic.

Overall, the FIR highlights the moral and ethical bankruptcy of Pakistani media and its owners and managers.

The petitioner appears to have some genuine grievances against Mr. Arif Nizami. We hope that the Chief Minister of the Punjab or our guardian angel, CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry, will take some interest in this case.

This FIR shows how media barons get away with thuggery and crime. Punjab Government should take action and let the law take its course

First information report regarding an offence cognisable by the Police, reported under Section 154 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.


[Italicized parts are translated from Urdu]

479/11 No. 55033

Police Station: Defence A

District: Lahore

Date and time of the incident: 23/5/11

  1. 1. Date and time of the report: Reference report 25, at 2 ’O clock during the day, dated 24/6/11.
  2. 2. Name and address of informant and applicant: Application by Aalia Ahmad d/o Mian Manzoor Ahmad, settled at 356/W, DHA, Lahore. 0300-4018932.
  3. 3. Brief description of the offence (with statutory provision) and property if any has been lost: 479/11, offence under 489/F.
  4. 4. Place of occurrence, its distance and direction from police station: At Faisal Bank Z-Block […?], nearly 2 kilometres in Southwest.
  5. 5. Proceedings about investigation; explain the delay, if any, in filing this report: As per the receipt of the written request and by the order of the court of Chaudhry Munir Ahmad, ASJ Lahore.

Signature: Iftikhar Alam


The SHO Police Station Defence A Lahore

Subject: Registration of FIR.

Sir, the application [sic] through the instant application seeks to get registered FIR against Mrs. Naveen Arif and her son Ali Arif and in this regard order from the court of Additional Session Judge Mr. Chaudhry Munir Ahmad is attached. The applicant had old relations with the above names persons i.e. Mrs. Naveen Arif wife of Muhammad Arif (commonly known as Arif Nizami) and Ali Arif s/o of Muhammad Arif. The two being month and son in the month of September 2010 come to my residence at 356-W Block Phase III DHA Lahore. They mentioned their financial difficulties and requested me to arrange and give them an amount of Rs. 2 crores (20 million rupees). They also stated and pledged that the requested amount is direly needed to them. Keeping in view the relationship existing at that time, the applicant had agreed to help them and then got arranged from own sources and that of other family members a total sum of Rs. 16450000/- (one crore sixty-four lacs and fifty thousand) and had given to Mrs. Naveen Arif and her son Ali Arif within a span of couple of days. In acknowledgement of the amount taken form the applicant as loan issued in favor of the applicant 7 cheques bearing post dates and had assured encashment thereof on presentation on due dates but all cheques were dishonored on presentation to the bank.


Details of cheques:

1. Cheque No. 3094435 dated 8-1-11 cheque amount Rs. 1800000/-

2. Cheque No. 2655788 dated 8-3-11 cheque amount Rs. 1200000/-

3. Cheque No. 3094425 dated 10-3-11 cheque amount Rs. 3500000/-

4. Cheque No. 3655782 dated 20-3-11 cheque amount Rs. 2800000/-

5. Cheque No. 2655784 dated 29-4-11 cheque amount Rs. 1100000/-

6. Cheque No. 2635787 dated 23-5-11 cheque amount Rs. 3000000/-

7. Cheque No. 2655791 dated 23-5-11 cheque amount Rs. 3000000/-

Total amount: Rs. 16400000/-


Sir the accused persons cheated the applicant. They dishonestly and fraudulently issued the cheques to the applicant and at time of issuance of cheques all in the sum of Rs. 16400000/- they knew that these cheques shall not be encashed on presentation. They deprived the applicant from huge amount with criminal intention. Mrs. Naveen Arif and her son Ali Arif residents of 89-A DHA Lahore are guilty of offences under the relevant provision of Pakistan Penal Code. Therefore case FIR may kindly be registered against them as per order of the honorable court/Ex-officio Justice of Peace. The huge amount of Rs. 16450000/- may also be recovered from the culprits. The above stated persons promised to pay Rs. 50000/- in November 2010 which they also did not return to the applicant.

Signature in English

Aliya Ahmad upper


From the  Police Station: As per the written request and the court order concerning the aforementioned offence, the case is registered and the written request and the court order and a copy of the FIR are being sent to Fakhar Iqbal 16076/HC Aqab in-charge investigation wing, for the purpose of investigation. Mr. SHO Sahib is informed as of this date.




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