Fard launched

Individualland is literally a cyber space where the world’s largest minority, the individual is considered the most important.

Media is called the mirror of a society. But do our media work on this principle?

The grotesque images of people being killed in conflicts, bomb blasts, and a wide array of other problems have changed the outlook of media presentation.

The role of media, particularly in reporting different dimensions of a conflict remains vital. There are dark corners in a conflict that never get reported. Conflict is not just a disagreement between two parties, but it engulfs everything around it.

Media is surely at the forefront of a conflict, and now the time has come to address those aspects that have never been highlighted before.

It’s time to bring the INDIVIDUAL under the spotlight. Individualland’s magazine titled FARD attempts to do exactly that.

You can access the Fard magazine online, here.

Individualland- Pakistan