Will CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry resign this year? – by Ali Sher Mussali

There is a rumour in market of politics that a round of talks had taken place between CJ’s party Supreme League of Pakistan (SLOP) and Nawaz Sharif’s party PMN-N during 2009. Both parties reached an agreement that Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry will resign at the end of 2011 and PML-N including other right wing political factions will offer him to be their joint candidate for the office of president of Pakistan.

God only knows whether this rumour is true or not but if it happened, it will be a gigantic political challenge for liberal, democratic parties such as ANP and PPP. Because CJ and his Jaan Nisars have expertise in mass mobilization and they will definitely get wider support from Mullah-Media-Military and Fake Liberals (Fake Civil Society – FCS) of Pakistan during election campaign which will be based on slogans against civilians’ corruption and USA.

We don’t know accurately what will be the political scene in 2013 but it will be great success for PML-N and it will be a hammer on Musharraf’s head because Musharraf  had removed PML-N’s elected president (a bearded justice) of Pakistan in 2001.

PML (N) is determined to get revenge from Musharraf so this party surely will appoint a retired justice again as the president of Pakistan. But again Musharraf will be correct in his criticism of  PML-N’s failure to produce any bearded president for Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

I don’t think it will be difficult for PML-N to defend their decision regarding selection of a retired Justice Iftakahr Chaudhry because a period of 14 years is enough for social evolution and enough to switch from bearded to non-bearded president of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. PML-N’s ideological mentor and training ground of its hawks like Ahsan Iqbal, Hanif Abbasi, the Islamo-fascists Jamaat Islami has already been transformed from JI (Qazi group) into its more vibrant faction Jamaat Islami (Imran Khan group), a bold and beardless version.

On other hand it will be a great rejoice for PML-N and other right wing factions in Pakistan because they will surely feel pride to be shadowed by another dim-full president of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.



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