US incursion in Pakistan

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I had written this piece around four years ago in 2007 but there was no suitable forum such as LUBP to share those of my views. At that time Civil Society assembled, played in hands of military and turned to be Fake Civil Society (FCS).

US incursion in Pakistan

Ali Sher Mussali
30th October 2007

Recent statements of BB regarding sharing information with NATO forces about suspected presence of terrorist groups in Pakistan and her daring offer to IAEA for verification past or future leakages in atomic energy have actually shattered non-professional politicians.

I don’t want to use word “non-professional” but feel a need to describe that the politics is also a science that requires not only experiences but political education also. A biologist cannot be a good chemist and an advocate cannot be a good doctor, a cricketer cannot be a good footballer, an industrialist cannot be a good poet, a priest cannot be a good beautician and even a sociologist cannot be a good politician.

But a student of political science after at least five-year experience can be eligible to be a good leader of a political group comprising over professional and non-professional individuals from all disciplines to run a political party and a country.

Pakistan Army completely controlled Pakistan after killing ZA Bhutto and intentionally invited non-professional politicians on basis of various ethnicities, sects and castes. At that time role of America was acceptable to all religious powers in the world and overwhelmingly in Pakistan.

Pakistan Army and intelligence agencies became powerful supporters of political wings who were against the liberal anti-USA forces. NATO forces invested a lot in Pakistan and Afghanistan to crash liberals with help of local religious groups and non-professional individual politicians in that new political frame.

Some one can argue that Bhutto was not killed because he was inclined to liberal and secular states in world but because of his intention for secularization of 25 Islamic states as the third power against extremist communists and religious fundamentalist states. Historically, people of Pakistan are more liberal and democratic than the establishment of the state of Pakistan.

People of Pakistan are good politicians than non-professional politicians, good anchors and opinion makers than minority non-professional media persons in our newly born electronic media.

The massive influx of people welcomed Benazir Bhutto on 18th October 20007 in Karachi after her 8 years self exile. That welcome party has tormented non-professional, neo-liberal, fundamentalists and politicians grown under shadow of Army. Our neo-liberal intellectuals, who feel need of rapid economic growth at any cost without social changes in our country are also at stake.

A minority relevant social scientist, economists, and professional journalists are active and playing their positive role in current political scenario. The event 18th October may bring a change and vindicates theories of professional intellectuals in Pakistan. This procession has actually illustrated Pakistan based definition of poverty, class and caste. We know that universal declaration and regulations on bonded and child labour cannot be applied on the larger portion of population of Pakistan. By the same way definition of term, class is also so vague in the least developed countries.

Some intellectuals and researchers are still agreed that ZA Bhutto gave courage to poor of Pakistan for to fight for rights. Same way some scholars are of this view that Benazir Bhutto during her two half durations in government could not get poor out of poverty. During her governments she and her cabinet was involved in corruption and done nothing for people. That may be a glaring fact and each voter of PPP and other parties in all provinces know it. There is generation gape between ZA Bhutto’s government and 2007 but BB’s governments observed by same generation and poor of Pakistan. In current politics of 2007, it is common thinking of our highly educated intellectuals that a majority of population of Pakistan are fools, illiterate and senseless therefore they don’t know tricks of corrupt politicians.

The recent congregation of hundreds thousands fools, illiterates, senseless and may be marginalized and socially excluded people gathered around Benazir Bhutto and they did not ask her about the corruptions, deal through NRO and about her next poverty eradication policies. How fool people they are!

A long period of foolishness of million uneducated, poor, lower class, socially marginalized population since ZA Bhutto up to 2007 has actually fooled highly educated intellectuals, neo-liberal, theoreticians and seasonal politicians of Pakistan.

Or that continuity made me fool! Because now I think, poverty is not a key issue of people but people always wanted to come out of poor social status. People are willing to fight for rights and against discriminating ruling class stuck with ethnicity, class, caste, religion and race within the Chak-village and state politics.

Now question arises that there is any chance for any change in popular perception of people. Or there is any chance in change in perception of archaic socialist, social scientists and neo-liberals. If killing of over hundreds of people since MRD and other incidents of blasts and target assassinations of leaders of fools could not change perception of common voter. And if the congregation of thousands of downtrodden people could not change perception of our highly educated scholars than there is a question that who is actual RSVP in Pakistan for American invaders.

The anchors on our newly born electronic media have a grave vigilance on changes in our local politics but no one picked a pejorative statements of Imran Khan, “We are not Kammi of state, we are not Mirasi”. Imran Khan deliberately wanted to show hereditary occupational castes so mean and ineffective in politics of Pakistan. Kamis who works for landowning ruling class choudhris under debt and severe persecution and Mirasi an artisan occupational drumbeaters in Punjab.

While another politicians “truth speaker” Sheikh Rashid repeatedly said in his various interviews that election contests will be in urban areas only but not in rural. He argued that in rural there is caste politics and he also used to count main landowning castes in present political scenario but he never mentioned occupational castes in urban and rural Punjab who remained voters of ZA Bhutto.

And no any scholar noted role of “Muzaray” in World Social Forum held in Karachi. They were brought in Karachi for cultural show as untouchable isolated dancing groups but not as persecuted land workers of landowning castes. A large number of participants in the congregation of 18th October were not only poor but socially excluded due to their occupation, caste or religion and there was no isolated groups for so called cultural dance etc but each participant was not stagnant but moving, rising slogans and dancing.

After that blast common participants and heirs of deceased’s verdict was so clear and free of any political interest. The scholars, war and terrorism experts could not speak so clearly due to their future political interest but a common person including some uneducated deceased’s old age mothers, who were interviewed especially by two Sindhi channels, clearly gave an analysis and made responsible the current regime.

The statement of first “racially black” chief minister in Pakistan, that PPP is a party of dancing groups. Unfortunately, he could not own larger portion of black race non-ruling class in Pakistan during his stay with government. The supporters of PPP are happy people but 5000 Janisar mobilized scarifying youngsters are still not violent. Out of million participants in rally 150 died, more than 500 injured and many among them lost their hands and legs were actually mobilized leaders of socially excluded communities.

It is a fact that 19th October blast was done by minority of puzzled terrorists who could not digest intervention of enthusiastic mobilized community leaders of marginalized and socially excluded groups in Pakistan under the leadership of daughter of ZA Bhutto.

The statements of BB for sharing information with the world against terrorism and her planning to keep safe and away our nuclear program, from world’s terrorist groups could be a bilateral political issue between countries and it is not a issue of common people.

A common political participant in Pakistan is so different from so called opinion makers and politician who are enjoying American citizenship, business and educating their children from American universities. Now our scholars and educated portion of our population should open a discourse that who is actually inviting US of America physically or for intervention in Pakistan politics…the dancing uneducated, untouchable, socially marginalized people, religious militants or seasonal politicians. OR our neo-liberal scholars who are looking for a sudden complete social transformation on TV while sitting in luxurious drawing room. People can empower people so actually rapid economic growth in kind of motorbikes, mobile phones and private TV channels is also a change.

But now we should avoid hiding the realities, that we are muslims therefore there is no inequality and social hierarchy. We are one nation therefore there is no discrimination on basis of ethnicity, gender, religion and race.

The statement of Benazir Bhutto that an ethnic Sindhi prime minister was hanged after severe torture and by inhuman ways and an ethnic Punjabi prime minister was excused and allowed by supreme powers to go away in a sacred state. The statement of BB is not new in Pakistan’s politics and surprising but was very common during first partition of Pakistan. Let us learn how we can obstruct foreign incursion, second partition, internal strife, and political and social victimization.



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