Meet the target killers – by Afaq Sharif

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The following are two video reports of interrogation of two arrested target killers by the Karachi police. It may be noted that these arrests were made by the CID Police headed by SSP Chaudary Aslam before the suspension of Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza by the President of Pakistan under pressure of the MQM.

Ajmal Pahari

Ajmal Sidduqi alias Pahari is from Orangi Town Area, Karachi . He has confessed of over 100 target killings including that of Hakeem Saeed Shaheed.

Ajamal Pahari joined MQM in 1986, as a worker in A-130  Unit Of Orangi Town. He has confessed of going to Delhi, India via Singapore in 1990s where he claims he received Militant Training allegedly by Indian Army. He has named Zafar alias Tension , Jamil urf Jimmy and Zeeshan as his Accomplices. All of them are wanted by Sindh Police. The thing that should also be noted that he was a Parking Contractor in City District Government Karachi (CDGK) controlled by the MQM.

Shahnawaz alias Shahrukh

Shahnawaz urf Shahrukh joined Pakistan Army in 2003 in Artillery in Unit 31/32. He was stationed in Lahore . He deserted Army in 2006  and then he was court martialled in 2007. He joined MQM in 2008 on the persuasion of Faseeh urf Moosa who was a part of MQM London Unit. He confessed up to 69 target killings during last 3 Years . He also told during interrogation that the Target Killing Squad is headed by a senior member of the MQM Rabita Committee Muhammed Anwar who gets direction from the London Secretariat. He alleged that MQM people blackmail Target Killers that if they refused to carry out their ‘tasks’, MQM people will kill their family members.



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