ZTBL: A public entity or terrorist organization? -by Shaukat Masood Zafar

Things have gone from bad to worse with regard to corruption and bad governance in Pakistan. The situation is highly advantageous for those at the helm of affairs and those right now busy in minting money. ZTBL employees, on the instructions of Chairman Zaka Ashraf, reportedly launched an attack on the media persons and tortured them brutally, Wednesday, who were covering a raid conducted by the Revenue Department to recover outstanding payments from ZTBL. ZTBL employees ripped clothes of media persons, broke their cameras and mobile phones. ZTBL employees also made hostage the EOBI officers who were performing their official obligations. Presently it is only the media that occasionally attempt to highlight cases of irregularities and corruption which is not acceptable to the politicians. Such reports even if on air are simply ignored and the government generally stays indifferent and unresponsive.

DawnNews reporter Sammar Abbas and cameraman Asif Mirza.

While people are made to be alarmed about the future of Pakistan, the people closely associated with the president Zardari are tended to taking the law in their own hands to conceal their more and more tales of corruption. Yousaf Raza Gilani may not have full control on the government, on his ministers and key members of the bureaucracy but when it comes to fixing responsibility for any loss of public money, he would be held responsible as the chief executive.

Zardari and his cronies are continuously striking on media. People’s party has a history of fascism and its leaders were kicked out from power corridors due to their autocratic behavior many times. The recent curb on media by Zardari and his “close friends including Zaka Ashraf” is to close any voice that could talk about their corruption, fraud and mockery. It shows temperament of PPP Government and a clear cut proof of their fraudulent “democracy and so called policy of reconciliation”.

This kind of situation collectively is tarnishing the image of Pakistan at an international level, spreading fear, insecurity and chaos within our society, creating discontent and despair among patriot Pakistanis both within and outside Pakistan.

At international level, countries might be concerned about what is happening in Pakistan within the two Government Departments under the same Government and our human rights and security situation with regard to making hostage the team of EOBI officers by another department ZTBL. Some of the countries are already reluctant to issue visas to Pakistanis who intend to go to these countries for education, employment and other legitimate and genuine purposes. Foreign tourists and investors are already afraid and unwilling to come to Pakistan and those who are already in the country either plan to leave or have already left the country. It is really an alarming situation for the masses.

Pakistan as it stands does not have a democratic government representing the will of the people. The Zardari government was not elected by the people of Pakistan but is an outcome of the arrangement undertaken with active foreign sponsorship. Its legitimacy is questionable. Reflecting on the current affairs, it is crystal clear that Pakistan is being governed by the wrong people, with wrong thinking and doing the wrong actions.

A judicial inquiry followed by a stern action against the people found responsible in this happening including the ZTBL President needs to be immediately carried out outcome of which should be made public. It may also be ensured that such like incident does not take place in any other public department in future.



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