Only rights, Copyrights! – By Raja Fatah Ali

Two of our superstars passed away in Punjab and one in Karachi, recently. Last moments of Babu Baral and Mastana were quite shameful for our society. We all go to the theater, enjoy their “Jugats” (typical and traditional jokes), and laugh a lot even in such a way that sometimes we don’t even care who is sitting around us or people can dislike our laughter and our so called decency can be exposed. Then we share it on Youtube and facebook. We have fun for a day. But after that we come back to our normal life, some of us say, Tauba Tauba, next time I will never do this but still watch it next time. But that artist comes to theater every day. Nobody knows about his personal feelings because he doesn’t want to show them.

Most difficult thing is to hide our emotions from just one person. At times, we can’t even hide our feelings from our close relatives or persons who are close to our heart. But they got thousands of audiences in front of them. Everyone is watching their artistically crafted face and expressions and enjoying. We don’t even know how seriously that artist tried to make us laugh. Well if you don’t believe then try to say few lines which are your favorite from tele-film ‘Rozi’. But seriously, we as a nation are unable to give them their desperately needed rights. I am not talking about Millions of Rupees film contract. They have the talent to get that if you provide them copyrights. Yes, just copyrights, that is what they need.

In a hugely talented country like Pakistan, where there is immense competition and an artist has just one or two years to earn his livelihood. After that he is replaced by new comers. So, if we succeed to make and implement some detailed copyrights act in Pakistan then these artists will not ask for any grant or financial assistance. Don’t shy to make complete and detailed laws because they are not blasphemy laws which can be misused by the people. They belongs to artists and don’t claims the life. But these copyrights acts can save artists.



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