Another way – by Imran Qadir Butt

Here is a thing for you; you heard spine chilling, devastatingly frank and shockingly straight forward admission of botched suicide bombing attempt by a teenage boy of impressionable mind, what would you make of it?

To make your life little easier, you have two options to select from. One is beaten since inception and other never put into practice, I mean in our land of Pures.

Alright I explain two options a bit more to make it even more digestible. First one has been in vogue since our history stated at zero hundred hours on fourteenth day of eighth month of 1947. It is a beaten line, overwhelmingly employed in every sphere of our domestic and national life and unsurprisingly failing us on every occasion. This approach involves looking into any situation to find facts and evidences to validate your ‘conclusion’ that you have already made before investigation.

Therefore, if you are going to investigate afore mentioned chilling admission using this approach your findings would sound like following:

‘As we know that no Muslim can kill another Muslim therefore this is an international conspiracy to destabilise the only citadel of Islam Pakistan by India, Israel and the USA’.

The other approach is never used and much hatred in the entire Muslim world with exception of very few. Though it is pariah in Pakistan, is well embraced as an only option from Far East to Latin America and from continental Europe to Africa. This approach revolves around find facts and evidences while investigating any event or situation and then presenting conclusion based upon investigative findings.

So, if by any chance you employ this approach to study suicide bombing at Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar’s shrine, your observations would be like following:

Religion is a sword that cuts both ways. It is foolhardy to claim that Muslims do not kill or maim fellow Muslims; history is replete with horrible episodes of mass killings. Unless we drastically change our social and political value system we may bleed ourselves to death”.

I am just hoping against hope this time around we might opt for other option and it might make all the defference:

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference

(The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost, 1915)



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