Socialism, the voice of the oppressed – By H.A. Khan

Today is the era of awakening and being aware of your rights as a citizens of your country and to fight for the mandatory rights from yours State without any prejudice and discrimination. The new wave which had emerged in Tunisia was the continuation of the flames which were triggered in France last year. This wave is crossing into the Arab world and their masses are on the streets protesting against the sovereign puppets of the US Imperialism and capitalism.

It’s been clear now that the theories which were presented by Fukuyama and Huntington had failed and its true that there is no clash of the civilizations but there is a clash of the Poor and the Rich and which has entered into the new phase now where the masses are protesting against the US Puppets and their agendas and it indicates that as a policy it has failed as it had nothing to deliver to the masses rather than just to fill the pockets of Corporations and Multinationals whose agenda is just one and that is to achieve Profit. In their race for profits, they are unable to look at the interest of the masses who are their buyers and contribute towards their profitability.

The US imperialism is on its way to its terminal death and has failed miserably all over the world, that’s why we see a new wave of revolutions from Venezuela to Damascus where masses are protesting and are in their strength to achieve their goals of prosperity. One important thing which is also getting clear that the masses have rejected all those whom are the faithful speakers of their masters.

In Pakistan now PPP is in the government and in its founding documents its clearly written that Socialism is our Economy, so I deeply believe that as PPP became the most well known party just with its inception on the golden founding principles, a time has come where they should implement those golden principles and it will also be a tribute to ZA Bhutto, BB Sahiba and to the hundreds of PPP martyrs.

Indeed Socialism is the voice of the oppressed and the need of this time.



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