Blood in the terrain – by Saria Benazir

Closing the observes to details is though, quite easier than moving forwards and accommodating the certainty and in actuality, most of the people are much used to fancy the first option over the other one. Opposed to it, when ones peeps into the realities, the points of truth, we’d unquestionably come across a tart avowal by our autocrats, who assert egalitarianism to be the “FORBIDDEN” fruit for the residents of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Certainly, democracy has gone through great trials here and of course, one cannot rebuff the implication of the Bhutto family, which has everlastingly played a role in strengthening democracy and handing over the clout to the people of Pakistan. Times have been quite pitiless, undeniably, Pakistan Peoples Party never gave up and continued with its struggle for making Pakistan a prosperous state _ a place, where poor, and under dumped get their rights and do hold nerve to raise their voice for what they necessitate.

Founded on the name of Islam and declaring the state a democratic republic, what did democracy in Pakistan accomplish? The basis of Pakistan Peoples Party which was a mile stone in enlivening the democratic system in Pakistan, but what then happened..?? The founder Chairman, who saved the Pakistan after the episodes of December 1971, who aimed to assemble those wrecked pieces of the state and make a new Pakistan _ a perfect & progressive one, who vowed to provide Bread, Clothing & Shelter and promised to raise the standard of living of the natives and notwithstanding meeting with stiff opposition urged to make Pakistan a nuclear power even if the people had to eat grass and what did he himself get as a compensation to his indefatigable efforts for making Pakistan a world power..??? What incentive did he get for his stupendous courage and vividness? _ Some thing else than prisons _ assassination attempts and finally a judicial murder…

What did we bequeath him with? Merely him, nay! But every worker of Pakistan Peoples Party & every affiliate of the Bhutto family _ the hangers-on of the predator Zia ul Haq, who did not even leave the last hope “BENAZIR BHUTTO” for Pakistan.

Eyes filled with scratches,
The sensitivity slithers on frequent thumps,
For I cannot get the valid connotation,
Of the remark equality,
Or the peoples authority,
That meant in my dust,
In my backdrop,
How can I endure all going around me..
Can’t I avoid this annoyance…
O My God! Help Me….

My terra firma………….
I stagger of a lengthy saga of sufferings,
Of lengthened afflicts,
Far out of psyche,
Not capable of accepting the verities,
All I can see is a void pustule,
Resting in my obverse,
A murky crack in the heart,
All around me,
Wherever I see….
The eyes catch sight of flags,
Red, green and black,
Ears heed slogans,
Voices of democracy,
For justice,
Of course, my beloved party’s manifesto,
Chahta Hai Har Insaan,
Roti, Kapra Aur Makaan…

I stare around,
And see an insurgency,
Transformation in the very face of Pakistan,
The leader of the state,
Determined to make this state a strong one,
Able to shield its territories,
A Pakistan, free of paucity,
Disease and illiteracy….

The heart melts to see,
Gosh! A military coup,
Lead by a dictator,
Opposed to democracy,
Committed to slay it,
For what was its fault..???
Till this day,
I can never get it…
My life, too suffocated,
I’m fed up,
My eyes filled with tears of blood,
For all I can see around me,
This soil is filled with blood….
It never vanished till this day….