Well done, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan! Wake up Zardari.. Enough talking, time for action NOW… by Irshad Haqqani, also another view by Abbas Ather…

By Irshad Haqqani


Other side of the picture – by Abbas Ather:



Chaudhry Nisar’s fulminations

The PMLN leader of the house in the National Assembly, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, has made a fiery and rhetorical speech against the PPP government and President Asif Ali Zardari. This was supposed to please all the elements pushing Pakistan into extremist postures, but it has not. Fronting his clearly moderate leader Mr Nawaz Sharif, Chaudhry Sahib has forced many people, wrongly we hope, to think that Mr Sharif runs a double-faced policy, reserving reconciliation for himself and letting his hawks destabilise the government he has vowed not to destabilise. But we gather that Mr Sharif’s approval was not obtained for this speech. Chaudhry Nisar needs to realise that this is not the time to play to the galleries or create ripples in the fledgling political system in which the ruling colaition is not yet even one year old. It reinforces the suspicion in PPP circles that the PMLN is gearing up to swallow the PMLQ prior to launching a vote of no-confidence in Islamabad, which perception in turn may precipitate action by the PPP to thwart such a move by trying to get rid of the PMLN government in Punjab, which would bring about the very unstable situation that both want to avoid for the sake of the country. (Daily Times)