Mustafa Kamal one of the best mayors in the world: Muhajir haters are dying with jealousy

Mustafa Kamal second best mayor in the world

KARACHI, Nov 9: The Foreign Policy magazine of the United States has chosen Karachi Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal as the second among the best three mayors in the world for 2008.

Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit and Chongqing Mayor Wang Hongju were the other two “mayors of the moment”, a press release issued by the Karachi City District Government said.

The magazine said: “No city globalises on its own, but with shrewd investments and smart urban planning, a mayor can help turn a regional player into a global powerhouse. Here’s how three of the world’s top mayors are climbing the ladder.”

The ‘Foreign Policy’, which is published by the State Group, a division of the Washington Post.Newsweek Interactive, LLC, said that the mayor of Karachi was an unlikely poster child for innovative urban planning.

It said: “The 36-year-old Syed Mustafa Kamal governs a city that’s more often in the news for religious violence than cosmopolitan ways. But the hard-charging Kamal is looking to change all that. He’s courting foreign investment, encouraging international ties, and boosting the city’s tourism.”

According to the magazine, Mr Kamal is not shy about his goals: He has said he wants to turn Karachi into the next Dubai. His ‘Green Karachi’ project aims to plant thousands of trees in the city. He has threatened to arrest anyone who tries to cut down the new saplings, it added.

Mr Kamal, however, gives all credit for this feat to his party leader Altaf Hussain who, he says, selected the representatives from lower and middle classes that represent 98 per cent of the country’s population.

In a statement, he said it was also the recognition of the philosophy of the MQM and the 30-year struggle of its leader.

He said that in the past there was no concept of ownership in Karachi. However, “we owned this city and carried out development works on a large scale. A lot of work is still to be done and the city is still far from the concept of an ideal city.”

Mr Kamal said that despite all the obstacles and challenges and difficulties faced by his team, he had never let down the people and would not do so in future.

He said there was no single command and control authority for Karachi, adding that 13 organisations were controlling the city’s municipal affairs which had made the situation very difficult for its development. “We have contacted everyone from top to bottom who has anything to do with the policy and decision making and now they should pay attention to this.”—APP

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Karachi Nazim among top three mayors

Monday, November 10, 2008

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Policy, a reputed journal, in its report has declared Nazim of Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal the second best mayor of the year 2008. The Foreign Policy report said the Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, 55, topped the list of the best mayors of the world for the current year and Karachi Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal, 36, was placed second on the basis of his performance in the last three years, a private news channel reported.

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Some Comments:

iris on November 10th, 2008 @ 2:15 am

The article on the website says he is #57. Im not sure whats going on. Here is the link:
barristerakc on November 10th, 2008 @ 2:39 am


it works out differently mate!

No. 1 Klaus Wowereit Mayor of Berlin (#17) < << here 17 is the city rating (from the index) Then our lad, No.2 Syed Mustafa Kamal Mayor of Karachi (#57) < << here 57th is city rating among the best cities to live, invest and all …. #
monkey on November 11th, 2008 @ 1:03 am

I’ve been a fan of Mustafa Kamal since he became the nazim. The man is phenomenal and has really changed the face of Karachi. The city has begun to breathe again which is so heartening. I mean, Karachi is such a vibrant city!! For me, he’s #1. I am truly amazed by his work. If I could, I would vote for him as President of Pakistan!:)

shalak on November 11th, 2008 @ 1:20 am

I moved out of Karachi 16 years ago when it was a place from hell ,
MK + team has turned this hell into place worth living again , its true that crime has gone up but 80% of crimes are caused by people who dont even live in Karachi and they have got nothing to do with Karachi.

MK’s work is unprecedent!!! never been done before and the guy is only 36 years old !! wow !! he is a shining example for us all .

Long Live Mustafa Kamal !!!!!!!

tperacha on November 11th, 2008 @ 2:46 am

I concur with some of the bloggers here that MK isn’t really ranked the 2nd best world mayor, but rather one of top mayor as his city, Karachi, is ranked in the 2008 Global Cities Index.

However, MK has done a great job for this city and credit should be given where it’s due. The fact that he was mentioned specifically by the Foreign Policy is recognition of his achievements. I don’t know how many of you follow NPR, but not too long they did a series of episodes on Karachi and one of them covered MK as well. Here is the link:

Tariq Khanani (tariqkhanani) on November 11th, 2008 @ 9:59 am

No.2 or not No.2, bottom line is Action speak louder than words. Even if the website didn’t mentioned him in world’s top mayor, he is still praised.

Danish Says:
November 12th, 2008 at 6:02 am

The best example of our thinking process. Actually, matter of fact is that we don’t think as a Pakistani. It’s very clear that we use to think as Punjabi, Sindhi, Muhajirs, Pukhtoons, Baloch.

If Aitizaz’s & CJ’s movement/actions is supported by rest of the world, its good. On the other hand, if the same world admits City Nazim Karachi’s hard work, “oh no. it’s fake and some thing like that”. It becomes our tradition now.

Believe me or not, I was just wondering till now that if Mayor’s news would also be reported on this Punjab dominant website or not…. And here is what we get.

As a neutral person, one should speak against the wrong deeds of MQM, I agree. But, for God Sake, plz also learn to admit the good work by the same party.

I don’t think that no one can deny the massive development in Karachi during the last two or more years and we don’t need any certification. Even the Pukhtoon TV took the interview of Mayor and admits his hard work.

But we are so use to of the culture that if one party is bad and we never expect something good for them, and one party is so good therefore never expects anything wrong from them.

Some days back, I saw the same type of story regarding ANP Leader and the comments by the members were really astonished me. Why do we have such a huge hate amongst each other??? Someone is definitely working on it and most of us are following their agendas.

Plz I request you all, that we all should be very proud of being Pakistani and nothing else. Otherwise, the movements like “Greater Pukhtoonistan”, “Greater Balochistan”, “Greater Sindh” or “Greater Karachi” would become popular in public. And it would be the result of hate that is also propagating through this website.

The time has come now that we should start respecting each other being a Pakistani, nor we only respect or prefer people belongs to our same ethnic/regional group. It’s the time to give equal rights or share to all Pakistani. Otherwise, our enemies have huge funds and ambitions that would really hit us very badly.

manson Says:
November 12th, 2008 at 6:13 am

i am sorry to say that i will have to disagree with the admin on this occasion..When some one do some good work in pakistan we never acknowledge and appreciate be honest with you all pakistani brothers and sisters, mustafa kamal is the second person after ayoob khan who have done a lot to make karachi a better city.. all karachians including sindhis, punjabis, pathans, siraikis and muhajirs have been seen him working hard day and night..if you want to meet mustafa kamal, you can go to any under construction site of karachi city govt and can find him there even on odd timings..If not world’s best but he is definitely the best mayor of pakistan at the moment…now please do not deny me just because i do not belongs to punjab…

dara Says:
November 12th, 2008 at 7:28 am

@ Danish

I appreciate your point of view, unfortunately

there has been a deep spread and injected poison in Punjab against other nations.
specially in the times of Zia Ul haq , I know most of the Pujabies do not think like that but there are some who have been poisoned with a stupid idea that they are the most loyal to Pakistan.

This was the Last province to accept Qaidi azam and Muslim League as till 1945/46 it has unionist party cabinet and provincial Govt.