Age relaxaion for CSS Exams part 2: One step forward, two steps backward – by Shamoon Qureshi

For First Part : Age relaxation for CSS 2012 exam Part 1 – by Shamoon Qureshi

Salus Populi Suprema lex- CSS 2012 Age Relaxation

CSS Age Relaxation issue has been highlighted and strongly demanded by all the quarters of serious aspirants but government is standing unfazed by its audacious decision passed back in 2008. This article is also the manifestation of strongest demand of people, which is indeed gaining momentum. This is the continuum of my previous article.

The population of Pakistan is roughly about 180,000,000, following is the historical trend which shows the rise of urban population since the country’s creation. It means that Pakistan is going to transit from agro economy to industrial economy (unfortunately shrinking economy).

Historical Populations
Census Population Urban
1951 33,816,000 17.80%
1961 42,978,000 22.46%
1972 65,321,000 25.40%
1981 84,254,000 28.28%
1998 130,580,000 32.51%
2008 172,800,000 32.34%

However, according to the 2009 Human Development Report of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP),60.3% of Pakistanis live on less than $2 a day. The World Bank Report 2010 for second fiscal mentions that 3.4 million more people will go below poverty level in Pakistan. The prices for basic commodities have also inflated manyfolds. It means, for students, that one has to drop one’s education for good(bad) to render the support to ailing household economy. Another option for them is that to discontinue the education temporarily and earn the tuition fee while supporting the family. For this purpose one has to afford the academic gaps and late completion of education. If one does so, one goes beyond the prescribed age limit for CSS and government’s set rules blocks one’s entry to even appear in CSS exam and serve one’s own country in the capacity he/she deserves. How ironic!!!

Now cast a glimpse at the literacy rate in Pakistan:

definition: aged 10 and over and can read and write

  • Total population: 57%
  • Male: 69%
  • Female: 45% (2009 est.)

If you go to HEC website, only 132 degree awarding institutes are there in the Land of Pure which are registered, let alone their capacity to cater the need of education to the masses. Let alone the dwindling financial powers of masses to afford higher education, with rocketing sky high inflation and transcending poverty level, at the cost of their household budget. The dilemma goes on and on, and whole cabinet had orchestrated the music which made our PM harp on the same tunes of NO REFORMS, NO ADVACEMENT.

Above statistics of literacy make us think that the figures depicted in it would represent mostly under-grads or less even many with no formal education certificate/degree because we don’t have infrastructure to educate 57% of 180,000,000 people in universities or degree awarding colleges. It is proven; remember fake degree holders in assemblies through 2008 election, 342 seats in national assembly couldn’t be filled out by all geniune degree holders some were fake degree holder legislator. There are some brave people who somehow managed to get higher education by fits and starts, by leaps and bounds and by sheer will of theirs to get better themselves and their families are prohibited to even take the competitive exam to serve their country because of their ‘age’!!!! As state of the Pakistani politics is well evident that no educated person wants to get involved himself/herself that is why most parties found dearth of educated people in their lines, therefore, they fielded fake degree holders in their constituencies. Apart of it, Pakistan is not a welfare state where there is free education for all, free meal for all, free health facilities for all, free of security issues and government would take care people’s all basic needs. We live in a third world country where we have to pay the tax for the most basic necessity to live, Water, tax for daily consumption. In an article published in Daily Dawn dated 24-02-2011 (by Asghar Soomro) with the title ‘Why short term remedies’, he referred a report published by a Lahore based NGO which I feel like to share:

It is pertinent to refer here to a Lahore-based NGO’s Annual Status of Education Report Pakistan 2010. The report indicates a higher rate (25.3) of tuition for students of private schools as compared to those in government schools (9.7 per cent). Private schools tend to fleece parents under one pretext or another. At the time of the final decision regarding the future of those schools one hopes all these factors are taken into consideration and parents are not left to the mercy of the entrepreneurs.

The dictator Gen (R) Pervez Musharraf who tampered with the civil services rules, may be in good faith, confessed in an interview with Jasmine aired by Samma TV that he failed to bring about reforms which he intended to. He particularly mentioned his failure to devolve power to grass root level and couldn’t fully cooked the recipe to the taste of general public. Hence his reforms turned out to be the half backed cake that is why government is reverting back to old commissioner system. Government argues that the Local body system has miserably failed to deliver as to what it was deemed in the past, consequently lot of troubles followed e.g. one of the biggest is profiteering at the grass root level. There are also some other administrative issues circumscribing this system. If the architect of this system himself confessing that it is now a half baked cake then why to cling with this piece of raw commodity. It is requested to either transit wholly or scrub its vestiges out of the country. If the system is being reverted back to old style then all scheme has to be restructured.

Many times FPSC has tried to draw the government’s attention towards the deteriorating state of education system which is portrayed in all FPSC’s, KPPSC’s and other boards’ annual reports but all ranting, raving and lamenting have fallen on government’s deaf ears. It is hard to make people understand the benefits of reform when their benefits are associated with not understanding and sticking to their rot. All the time FPSC chairman called on the President and Prime Minister and told about the lack of interest and capability of general  public towards the civil services but their meeting can be summarized as ‘they met, wept and left’, no result at all.

HEC is trying to make our higher education system abreast with international education system but our requirements are that of primitive type. Listen to US president’s first speech to State of the Union in which he announced the waiver of education loan to 50% if the borrower joins public service. And here in our land of pure people are restricted to even take the exam to prove their competency. Our Prime Minister wants young people to run the state affairs while allowing the oldies to stay in their office even after retirement by bestowing on them extended contracts. The pretext behind their extension is the dearth of mature and capable people required to run the sophisticated and strategic positions.

All aspirants request Prime Minister and President of Pakistan to please consider candidates demand and decide in favor of the will of public- Please FPSC, PRESIDENT AND PRIME MINISTER ENHANCE AGE AND ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION CRITERIA; 16 YEARS OF EDUCATION AND 35 YEARS OF GENERAL AGE RELAXATION.

Salus Populi Suprema lex                 (Welfare of the People is the Supreme Law)

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  1. i’m very much inspired to mr: Shamoon Qureshi, who is serving in the larger intrest of the masses regarding age relaxation of CSS Examination. Let the css aspirants unite to negotiate with mr: prime minister Yousuf raza gilani. in this regard we have to share our cell numbers so that we may easily come in contact with one an other. 0333 2792320 is my cell number and ( is my id. please do contact with me. regards,

  2. i’m very much inspired to mr: Shamoon Qureshi, who is serving in the larger intrest of the masses regarding age relaxation of CSS Examination. Let the css aspirants unite to negotiate with mr: prime minister Yousuf raza gilani. in this regard we have to share our cell numbers so that we may easily come in contact with one an other. 0333 2792320 is my cell number and ( is my id. please do contact with me. regards,

  3. Mani suggested that we should project our case in the court. i think this is the best way to achieve our foremost single goal. we should exchange our cell numbers and make sure our connectivity. mobile is the best source to exchange our ideas at any time and it may bring a dynamic change.

  4. Thank you all of you who have posted their comments, be it for or against. I really appreciate that you have taken your time out and read out my article with diligence and interest. I am indebted to your obligation.

    1- In my opinion it is very imperative that age bar be lifted up to let competent people participate in this exam. Remember the Peter Principle, which says that man is promoted to the level his incompetence. This exam is acting like a filter where only certain level of competence can pass through and rest are filtered out. This is done to fix them in the state machinery to run the government affairs smoothly. If one is capable then why he/she be afraid of competition? Let all competent people enter the arena and then prove your competence. My dear come out of this ‘ostrich type’ approach, learn how to face trouble. Pakistan need quality not quantity, there is a dearth of cadre whereas crowd is abundant.

    2- Those who are worried and concerned about the promotions of the young batch mates to BPS 21 and 22 while some more aged people would be retired and suffer anxiety. I would say, please don’t worry and have chill and remember peter principle. Secondly, most retirees go on contract employment on top positions of almost all government organizations because of young officers less experience to run the state affairs. For proof please see the recent SC’s verdict for the abolition of contract employees from top posts and see the Establishment division’s reply for the case of DG FIA Wasim Ahmed removal. Government refused to depose him immediately because he is overseeing cases of national importance. It shows that there is a dearth of competence in the organization that the department lacks the expertise, which Mr. Wasim Ahmed possesses. He is a retiree but still serving because of his competence, where is age issue now? FPSC Chairman Justice (R) Rana Bhagwandas is also a retiree but still heading the FPSC, where is age issue for him now?

    3- If you remember Gen (R) Musharraf had tightened the age limit otherwise it was 30 generally and two years age relaxation for tribal people and 35 years for government employees@ 14 years of education. He did it to suite his vested interested and people are still mesmerized under his spells. There is a grave need for the paradigm shift, we must think out of the box in the greater national interest. Come out of the well and see the ocean is large enough then expectation.

    4- Read my previous post for the demand of age bar lifting with the academic criteria change.

    Apart of it I have created a group on Facebook and invite all aspirants to join this age relaxation bandwagon.

    Facebook: Shamoon Qureshi

  5. So what do you want? Should the age limit be 50 years? A person who cannot pass this exam at 28,in my opinion, is not
    worth of it. This country needs young talented people. The demand of relaxation shows utter inability and lack of planning of such people. A person who cannot decide what to do in future,how he would serve the country? People in our country pursue random things throughout their life and suddenly they realize “Oh why I should not sit in CSS exam and try my “LUCK”. If they see they are over aged,they start complaining. Keep in mind there are young talented people who pass this exam in their early twenties. you better need planning in your life!!!

  6. Actually in our country people’s mentality has been shaped in favor of pessimism and narcissism. Mostly are myopic and can’t see the big picture in the greater national interest. Just imagine if age and education criteria is enhanced then how competent people with diverse background will begin flocking in for this prestigious exam on the basis of their competitiveness. You know the definition of beauty; unity in diversity. We talk tall but act so small, which is evident in every walk of life of all of us irrespective of age, area, religion and race. Pakistan as a nation is going down day by day; Pakistan used to be a world champion in Hockey but now stands nowhere in the comity of nations, cricket is suffering from chronic ailments, snooker’s moon is eclipsed and reckit’s glory is doomed. My dear all, we are standing in the middle of nowhere. If we didn’t get changed ourselves then we would get extincted as a nation from the face of earth like dinosaurs.

    Perhaps my many teenage friends have never traveled abroad for any purpose. My dear teenagers no foreign country considers 14 years degree as graduate. They consider it as diploma holder. Internationally 16 years of education is considered as graduation. Even Britain, our former colonial lord, doesn’t consider 14 years of education as a bachelor while we are following worst form of British system.

    See the state of affairs in our country, which are managed by 14 years of degree holders and envisioned by fake degree holders. 1- Agricultural country- Shortage of sugar, shortage of wheat. 2- Best Water Canal System- Floods, water shortage in urban areas. 3- Economy- Above 20 percent annual inflation, textile sector is ruined (backbone of Pakistan’s economy). 4- Law and order- No need to say 4- International Recognition- You can guess and would judge, even players are implicated in corruption!!!!!!……

    Oh my country! Thou shall be the glory of East in ….

    So my dear managed, well prepared in advance and foreseers are you still supporting the status quo for the gratification of your personal vested interest? And forgetting about long term national interest? Pakistan needs drastic measures and radical changes in its system to keep abreast with international community. Not to succumb to the wish lists and self serving interests of a few.

    Das ist alles!!!!!

  7. THe upper age limit for the ICS induction in british India was 24. The british introduced the system of bureaucracy to the sub-continent and they knew better what shouuld be the upper age limit. THe Ics under their rule was the steel frame of the government. Just remember at that time the ICS officers were inducted at an age under 24 and those officers not only served united india well, they also served india and pakistan in an admirable manner.

    THe upper age limit was retained at 24 untill bhutto introduced CSSP in place of CSP. I think , the upper age limit should again be fixed at 24. THe older men, who claim to be able and well equipped to serve the country, must be hired as assistant directors and other non-cadre officials.

  8. P.J Nehru stated that ICS is neither Indian nor Civil nor Service and he immediately changed that so called steel frame ICS into IAS (Indian Administrative Services) and enhanced upper age limit. Those fabled Indian baboos did nothing but to get United India divided.

    Look at India, which is on the road to prosperity by changing the baboo culture but insist to get reverted the improvement because Goras did this. What benefit did ICS people do when needed?

  9. I relly appreciate efforts of Mr Shamoon Qureshi for relaxation in age limit for css exam,its a great demand from students belong to middle class because css exam is one and only hope for them to acquire a nice post through their own abilities.Age limit for css 2013 should be 35 ytears.

  10. its a great demand from students belong to middle class because css exam is one and only hope for them to acquire a nice post through their own abilities.Age limit for css 2013 should be 33 years.