Now Non Muslims using blasphemy law against Non Muslims

Yet another case of alleged blasphemy has been reported from Pakistan, taking place in Faisalabad (Punjab), this one rather unique.

Instead of a Muslim-at-Christian case, this time a Christian woman has used the blasphemy law sword to cut at a Christian family that had won against her a piece of disputed land in the court of law.

The story in Continental News tells that a disgruntled and vindictive Agnes Bibi, after threatening the rival family of Aslam Masih Bhatti, tried to use the blasphemy card by going to the police station along with a Muslim cleric and accusing Bhatti of blasphemy. She reported to the police on February 16, 2011, that Bhatti had passed blasphemous remarks about Prophet Mohamamd(PBUH).

The police deliberated and tried to judge the story before taking any action against Bhatti. They involved both Christian and Muslim community members from her neighborhood to verify what appeared to be a concocted story. Finally, it was decided that Agnes Bibi herself had committed blasphemy by producing blasphemous remarks and trying to use it against Bhatti. On February 18, 2011, a case of blasphemy was registered against Agnes Bibi and she was arrested by the police.

Pakistan’s blasphemy law attracted international attention in media and human rights groups and organizations in 2010 when Asia Bibi was sentenced to death over alleged blasphemy. In the wake of the ensuing condemnation of the law, Punjab’s liberal and outspoken governor Salman Taseer was shot dead by a man in his own security team. More incidents followed the madness including one where a doctor was booked for blasphemy because he threw away a visiting card with the name Mohammad printed on it.

These incidents are more than enough to show that Blasphemy law in Pakistan, particularly in the Punjab province, where almost all cases of blasphemy are reported, has become a dangerous weapon, shot through the court of law at anyone who is marked as an enemy or opponent. The few attempts to amend the law have been suppressed. For now, the weapon is free to be used, and even minorities have started trying it.

Source: Digital Journal



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