Where is the Justice Mr. Chief?

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It was the March of 2007 when the Pakistani nation witnessed an abrupt hike in Black coat prices. The protests for the restoration of deposed judges heartened a many to alter them as lawyers. The Pakistani economy jolted like the earthquakes of Kashmir. The Stock exchange experienced an abrupt collapse. The poor daily wage earners starved for days. And off course blood-shed and carnage are the sturdy attributes of such remonstrations in Pakistan.

The toppled CJP Iftikhar Chauhdry along with “Politicians turned lawyers” succeeded in convincing many through their captivating debates. But no one was bothering as the much awaited justice was in the vicinity. What can be more fine-looking than outright justice for a country privileged with injustice and discrimination from its inception? The country was promised uncontaminated justice and equality.

“The recovery of missing persons will be the top priority of Judiciary. The missing persons will re-join their families as soon as possible.” assured the Chief Justice

The nation daydreamed the injustice as the tales of past for a point of time. The poor Baloch nation, which has a familiarity with cruelties and malice from the day they were annexed with Pakistan, didn’t let go a single chance of building castles in the air. The families of missing persons were praying for their “Seraph” to be reinstated as soon as possible.

And a day came when the agitations and prayers brought an outcome. The Judiciary was reposed in Pre-March state. Mr. Iftikhar Chauhdry, a domicile holder of Balochistan was once again the Chief Justice; The country rejoiced! The lawyers observed days of celebrations.

Now the time came for furnishing the promises made. Now was the time to give back to the ones who lost a lot during the movement. But it was all the “Pakistani style”. The promises here are made to be broken. The CJP was no exception and he repeated the norms of his predecessors.

The CJP fond of taking suo motu notices took a lots of suo motu notices on pseudo problems but failed to address the real issues. Someone needs to enlighten the CJP that the real problems of nation are not prices of tomatoes and traffic but the matter of missing persons. The people here can manage to live with the hectic traffic but cannot breathe happily without their loved ones.

The issue of missing persons has turned very grave since June 2010 as more than 90 Baloch missing persons have been torture murdered in custody till date. But the suo motu notice taker which does not let go a single chance of maligning the PPP government fails to do so on the atrocities committed by military agencies.

Amusingly the honorable court has no information of any kind about the recent developments in Balochistan. Justice Javed Iqbal in his remarks during a recent hearing of missing persons case mentioned only two abductions whereas more than 50 persons have been abducted or murdered only in the month of January. These include six mutilated bodies recovered within less than 48 hours in first week of January. The victims include newly-wed Ahmed Dad and a minor Zakaria Baloch who both were political activists.

The only step taken to address the issue of missing persons has been a red-tapeism technique of commission formation. The commission instead of providing a solution has further deteriorated the problem due to its non-serious behavior. Only a slight more than 200 cases have been considered by the commission whereas the complete details of at least 1100 missing persons have been made public by nationalist parties. This figure (1100) is based only on the cases which have been reported in Balochi media. In reality thousands of Baloch political activists, students and common people have disappeared without any trace.

It is interesting to note the cases considered by commission are only those which have been registered with the commission by families of missing persons. This means the family has to travel all the way long from the remote areas of Balochistan to Islamabad to get their cases registered, which is impracticable for poor Balochs living in Kohlu and other areas.

Though Unlike the Balochs the missing persons from extremist Islamic parties are getting more than the due consideration. A recent stern action by courts for 11 missing persons abducted from Adiala Jail is a single example of many of its kind. The immense disparity between both issues raises a lot of questions. Is Balochistan not under the jurisdiction of Judiciary or after getting used to Mullah-Military Alliance and Military-Media Alliance we have to get familiar with a new term Mullah-Military-Judiciary Alliance?

The fallen blood, the starvation, the economic slumps couldn’t change the rituals of this country. The movement was so rightly called “Black Revolution” and it is one in reality. It couldn’t succeed in showing a ray of light to doomed public. People are still dying. The Agencies continue to abduct and now even don’t refrain from murdering the Balochs. Nazism is prevailing in Balochistan. And no ray of hope could be seen from anywhere until and unless interference from International humanitarian organizations is sought.



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