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Each action we do is founded by a perceived legitimacy, whether the action may be lighting a candle or “burning a fire”. Though the certainty of having the right justification varies as more people are staked on the particular step we take. More specifically when we hurt someone, emotionally or physically then the legitimacy of the action requires more firmness. The theory of self-justification given by Leon Fistenger assumes that people are not rational in justification rather are rationalizing, in other words they are not much motivated to be right rather to believe that they are right.

The same theory also state that the interpretation of reality is distorted in order to reduce the dissonance we have in our perceptions. If we find out something which contradicts with the believes we have, we move into psychological discomfort, people amongst us who are more into self admiration become aggressive when they face any such information or contradicting information. Hence we may state that behind the aggressive actions we take, psychologically we go through distorting the reality in the way we wish it to be and then justify the actions we take.

This phenomenon can be applied on the violence occurring in our society, though I would connect it with the present vicious actions of Pakistan army in Balochistan, and the support of Pakistani people for those actions.

Pakistan, the “land of pure” where history is modified as per needs of the time, the founder of nation is sometimes labeled an Islamist and often a Secular and liberal according to the need. Presently what we are “told” is that Pakistan was made on the principles on Islam and that it is the fortress of Islam in the present era, people working against any of the factor in this country are actually working against the God who created this world, the God who would decide whether or not are we going to eternally enter into paradise or not. This phenomenon helps in justifying all the wrong doings committed to secure the interests of the ruling class. In Balochistan, where the “Indian” funded “ungodly” Balochs have stood to secure their “ungodly” rights… therefore they have chosen their destiny to burnt in hereafter and the people of the land of pure must arrange their meetings with the God by torturing the infidels to death, and throwing their mutilated bodies on the roads built to facilitate the multinationals (infidels? No way as they are funding the pure to dump “impurity”) to extract minerals from the holy part of the land of the pure… Balochistan… And this must be a declaration of war against all those who stand against the “pure” corruption, “pure” human rights abuses, “pure” distorting journalism, “pure” “Qadris” or even the “pure” manipulation of religion.

In Balochistan, the saviors of the fortress of Islam have presumed their sacred responsibility eagerly to eradicate the “impure” right seekers in Balochistan. In order to accomplish this objective of theirs Pakistan army has formed the “Al Badar” and “Al Shams” of time, known as the “Sipah Shuhdae Balochistan”. Baloch students, lawyers and writers who were abducted by uniformed personals of Army accompanied by Police in front of dozens of eyewitnesses were torture murdered, and later on the responsibility of the murders were accepted by the above mentioned.

In a statement Ghazi Abu Muslim the leader of Sipah-e-Shohada (Mullahs) said that these “Agents of Angraiz (the term used for west) and India” are creating trouble in Pakistan for the sake of money from other countries. “They are killing innocent Muslims and making Baloch Nation to go astray”. The statement warned the Balochs that whoever kills innocent Muslims and talks against Islam the Sipah-e-Shohada will not spare them. Whoever creates turbulence in the country they will meet their destiny, vowed.

Similar statements can be found in the history of Pakistani atrocities, when Al-Badr (Mullahs) was formed for targeting Bengali students, writers and intellectuals. The head of Al-Badar Motiur Rahman Nizami wrote an editorial on Badr Day 1971 in “Sangram”, the official paper of Jamaat Islami, “Unfortunately, a number of infidels (Bengalis) have taken their (Indian) side and are trying to weaken us (Pakistan) from within. We have to foil their conspiracy and protect the existence and ideal of Pakistan. This is not possible only by defensive action…It is our luck that the Islam-loving youths of this country have been able to form the Al-Badr unit with the help of the Pakistani military…The youths of Al-Badr have renewed their pledge on this occasion…to stand next to the army to defeat the Hindu forces and annihilate Hindustan and hoist the flag of Islam all over the world.”

There are lots of similarities between “Then-Mullahs” and “Now-Mullahs”. The concern that arises is that the same justification, with the same perception of reality, and with the same foundations of legitimacy there is a possibility of yet another massacre, which seems to have already started as the brighter side of the Baloch society is being targeted. Can we assume that the religious manipulators (Pakistan army) are following the genocidal measures of their predecessors? If it is so, then would we also, as rational humanitarians repeat what our “rationalizing” antecedents did to support the atrocious massacre of the “impures” in Bangladesh?

The love for “Impures” of Bangladesh



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