Chaudhry Nisar and Patwaris

It seems that the two most hated people in the PML-N are Chaudhry Nisar and Rana Sanaullah. Both are notorious to preach good governance yet, there are numerous complaints against them for their attitude, ticking friends and foes the wrong way and misusing their powers. Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, when he lost his election, complained of the way Chaudhry Nisar managed the people against him. The MQM recently  were infuriated by Chaudhry Nisar which led to a verbal street fight outside the parliament. Rana Sanaullah has also recently spoken against the MQM. Rana Sanaullah’s rivalry with Salmaan Taseer left a bitter taste, eventually culminating in the charismatic governor’s assassination.

In the Punjab Assembly session of January 19, some MPA’s lashed out at Chaudhry Nisar for wielding undue powers over the appointments and transfer/posting of patwaris in Rawalpindi district. Rawalpindi, as you know, has valuable land in it, which has been commercialized at a very fast pace in the last 2 decades.  One can imagine why patwari plays an important role in the scheme of things. Rawalpindi district also has the tehseels of Taxila, Murree and Gujjar Khan in it where a lot of real estate activity has taken place. Off course, it’s not Krupshion. According to Rana Sanaullah:

“It is the right of elected representatives to monitor the performance of officials appreciate the competent and hardworking and get the irresponsible transferred,” and also blamed the previous regime for destroying every department.

Mr. Bean isn’t as innocent as he may seem.

Nisar comes under fire over reshuffle of patwaris, Sana leaps to his defence

Dawn, January 20, 2011

LAHORE, Jan 19: Law Minister Rana Sanaullah’s comments in the Punjab Assembly on Wednesday first prompted the women legislators elected on reserved seats to boycott the session and then he defended his party’s opposition leader in the National Assembly, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, for his alleged role in transfer and posting of patwaris in Rawalpindi division.

PPP’s Saghira Islam on a point of order said the women MPAs had not been given development funds for the last three years.

She said whenever the issue was raised the women legislators were asked to submit the proposed development schemes. “When we submit them we are told that the funds have lapsed.” Ms Islam said the law minister made “false” promises in this respect. She was backed by her party and PML-Q women.The house was echoed with the slogans calling for funds.

Sanaullah said he never made a “false promise”. The law minister asked the women legislators to tell the house about their constituencies (taunting them for being elected on reserved seats). He went on saying that they should better consider the whole province their constituencies and present the proposals for development schemes. As a result the women MPAs got angry and boycotted the session. They pro tested outside the assembly building and chanted slogans against the law minister.

Speaker Rana Iqbal asked minister Neelam Jabbar of the PPP to bring the protesting legislators back and also formed a five-member committee (headed by Ms. Jabbar) to look into the matter.

The law minister also offered the women legislators to arrange their meeting with the chief minister over the issue but they refused. The PML-Q women legislators became disappointed when Opposition Leader Chaudhry Zaheeruddin said the function of MPAs was legislation and development work was the job of the local government. But Mr. Zaheeruddin also contradicted at the same time that funds should be given to the women legislators.

During Question Hour, the law minister fully defended Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan when opposition members talked of his involvement in postings and transfers of patwaris in Rawalpindi division, the constituency of Mr. Khan.

In reply to a question, Revenue Minister Haji Muhammad Ishaq (PPP) admitted that “powerful” MNAs and MPAs were involved in the posting and transfer of revenue officials in Rawalpindi. He said 75 patwaris were performing duties against 106 approved posts. “Some 12 patwaris are having additional charge of extra constituencies,” he said, conceding that the parliamentarians in Rawalpindi were “very powerful” and they took important administrative decisions.

Mr. Ishaq said now after the ruling of the Supreme Court the deputy district officers (revenue) were authorised in posting and transfers of patwaris.

PML-Q’s Dr Samia Amjad took exception to the matter and said every one knew “no administrative decision is taken in Rawalpindi without the approval of Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan”. She was backed by Ghulam Shabbir Awan saying that he hailed from Rawalpindi and knew that every important decision was taken by Chaudhry Nisar.

Seemingly angry over their comments Rana Sanaullah said: “It is the right of elected representatives to monitor the performance of officials appreciate the competent and hardworking and get the irresponsible transferred,” he said and also blamed the previous regime for destroying every department. On a point of order PML-Q’s Mohsin Leghari said under the law the federal and provincial finance ministers should monitor the implementation of the NFC Award bi-annually and submit their reports to both the houses. He pointed out that the NFC Award report could not be submitted to the Punjab Assembly and the chair should take note of it.



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