Who is Kafir?‏, by Amjad Rashid


I already knew that there are fierce beasts with human faces. I already knew that there are evils with the name of nobles. I already knew that there are sinful killers but showing them as martyrs & Ghazis. I already knew that they are actually the followers of Idols like “Lawah” & “Azzah” which were the heads of idols in Kabah Sharif before Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) but they are compelled to boast themselves as Lovers of Prophet. They even don’t think that the status of last prophet of Allah, Muhammad (S.A.W.W) is so high than other humans that according to true faith, we are all his “servants” not “lovers”, as the only lover of the prophet (S.A.W.W) is Allah Almighty and no one is like God.
I knew that they are the followers of Wealth and their faith is only their material needs. That’s why ancestors of these people martyred the grandson of Prophet, Imam Hussain (A.S) cruelly. I knew that ancestors of these people at that time were declaring themselves as Lovers of the prophet, while they were slaughtering the whole family of the prophet at the same time in Karbala.
I knew that they were hanging Holy Qurans around their necks while they were teasing the family of prophet with hunger, thirst & insult. They were just acting on the traditions of prophet that to follow the ruler is mandatory for Muslims but they were hiding that prophet actually ordered to follow that ruler which was elected by them. I knew that they are true generations of their ancestors as I observed in Pakistan that their new generations followed the dictators like Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Zia ul Haq & Parvez Musharraf according to the tradition of the prophet but they are now not accepting the elected government because they are certainly hiding the actual words of the prophet’s tradition.
Ancestors of these extremists were famous for hanging Mansoor Hallaj as he did Toheen e Toheed & Toheen e Risalat. Their ancestors were famous for teasing Fareed Ganj Shakar in Pakpattan because their own bread & butter was at risk. Their ancestors are famous for declaring courageously according to “their own prophet’s traditions” that Bullhay Shah in Qasur is Kafir and no Mullah will off the funeral prayer of Bullhay Shah.
Their ancestors declared Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal as a Kafir when his famous poem “Shikwah” got published, and still whenever the “Aashiqs” of prophet decorate a “Mehfil” about Ghazi Ilam Deen they open their full mouths & throats and declare that Allama Iqbal was Kafir as he did toheen e risalat by trying to correct Ilam Deen. Their ancestors have declared Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah as “The worst Kafir” as he turned his face away from those extremists Mullahs who were against the partition of sub continent. They and their generations still declare Jinnah as Kafir as he also tried to correct Ilam Deen, while they forget that the only lawyer who took the case of Ilam Deen was
Mr. Jinnah.
New generations of these extremists have always proved that they are more than their ancestors. Now the son of “M.D Taseer” who managed the funeral of Ghazi Ilam Deen in Lahore, while there were so much strictness by the British government in Lahore, M.D Taseer showed great bravery, he managed for the funeral of Ilam Deen. The bed on which the dead body of Ilam Deen was brought to the graveyard was from the house of M.D Taseer. Now the son of same M.D Taseer, which was also the Governor of the biggest province of Pakistan, the Punjab has been martyred by these extremists. 
His only sin was to declare the Zia ul Haq’s generated biased Toheen e Risalat law as “Black Law”. He wanted to change this law with new law because the recent law was 90 % used wrong. In Peshawar, the editor of a local newspaper was declared as criminal according to this law because he printed the Hadees of the prophet in Arabic and newspaper was used in shops. They are so illiterate that the Urdu translation of same Quranic verses is published daily and these extremists Mullahs themselves use these newspapers for cleaning their seats when they start their Khutbahs in mosques. Why they don’t notice that they are misusing same newspapers containing Urdu translations of Quran verses, when they distribute and eat “Langar” in these newspapers, and after using these newspapers these Mullahs clean their lips and breads with same newspapers and throw them outside in dirty places.
When Asia declares that she says “Sala Allah o Alaih e Wa Aal e hee wasallam” after the name of Prophet Muhammad, then how can she be declared as criminal? How she is doing Toheen e Risalat? Salman Taseer was only one brave man in our 250 millions populated societies who took pity of Asia and openly supported her rightly. His only sin was to declare “The Right” as Mansoor Hallaj said in past, but he was given death same as Mansoor was given.

I knew that and now I absolutely know that the lawyers and Mullahs who spread flowers and petals on the killer of Salman Taseer Shaheed are the real generations of 18000 Mullahs who gave Fatwah for killing Imam Hussain. Karbala is still continuing, the righteous persons are still 72 including the Christian John, while the extremists and material lovers of prophet are still in millions.

2 responses to “Who is Kafir?‏, by Amjad Rashid”

  1. Dear Amjad Rashid
    I support you all, but with a humble request not to match the only unique Martyr of Karbala in 61 Hijri.
    Though the today’s killers are 100% followers of that time. But the Martyr, for which even our holy Prophet wept in the dream of Hazrat UM-SALMA., is totally supreme.
    And if you are pointing towards a Shaheed named “Jon” at Karbla, kindly note that he was not a Christian, but devoted serving person (Ghulam) of “Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S.), than Hazrat Imam Husain (A.S.) and so real Muslim that he scarify his life over Grandson of our holy prophet.
    Rest assure the Real Judge and Imam (.A.S) is on the way, who will take revenge of Karbla and Eradicate all injustice and punish the culprits.