Let us not vote or support PPP – by Hussain Bux Mallah

We killed Bhuttos, we are killers of hundreds of leaders and Jiyalas of PPP. Yes, we the voters and supporters of PPP are responsible for their killings. If you don’t want more funerals of your leaders stop supporting them and change your mind by supporting elitist civil society, judiciary, military and mullas to rule you. Judiciary killed Bhutto, agencies killed Murtaza, military and mullas killed Benazir Bhutto in December and in January military and mullas killed Salman Taseer. Why those high profile leaders had to scarify their lives? It is because of you people. They had sacrificed their lives for your peaceful Pakistan, for your freedom and for your better future.

Bhuttos and Khan Ghaffar Khan taught us to be non-violent and not to support violence. Their philosophy continues and our next target for scarification Asif Zardari got favour from Bilawal and he said “Democracy is best revenge” and people have to change a violent slogan “BB hum sharminda hein k teray Kail ab tak zinda hein” into non-violent slogan” BB kay Katil Sharminda hein k BB ab tak Zinda hay’.  We remember that scale of enmityof military wings with Bhutto’s non-violent philosophy aroused when President Zardari announced not use first the human killer atomic bomb against India.
Salman Taseer’s killers are being supported by violent segments of civil society called “Bar Associations” who supported murderers (judiciary) of Z A Bhutto and now supporting Mumtaz Qadri. Bar Associations are willing to kill an innocent marginalized Christian [whom they pejoratively call chuhra] woman. Blasphemy law is not an Islamic law but it is racist law and elite civil society or middle class of Pakistan is racist by default therefore they
don’t appose a racist law. There is strong caste and class system even well-built than India. Bhuttos had interrupted and wanted to change racist society into liberal, non-violent and peace lover society in Pakistan. “Bhutto is
not a name of caste or tribe but it is a philosophy of social change” said President Asif Zardari in his recent speech on third death anniversary of Shaheed BB.

Salman Taseer is not last person who killed by people who are followers of Islamic racism and anti Bhuttoism but still there are many Bhuttos waiting for scarification for philosophy of social change.

You people the supporters of Bhuttoism are responsible for killings of hundreds of Bhuttos and you definitely digging one grave when you cast one vote or raise one slogan in favour of Bhuttoism.

I cannot stop you Jiyalas to vote or raise slogan because I was surprised to observe your patience on three anniversaries of Shaheed BB which you might have learned from Bhutto’s philosophy of social change, equality and non-violence. But I can suggest that let us not vote or support PPP, let us not write articles, books and poetry, let us not dance or sing, let us not raise slogans, let us not shed tears on killings our leaders. This is the only way we will not be targeted and killed.



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