Let’s starve the Kurram agency Shias; convoy of fuel, food torched by the Taliban

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کرم ایجنسی : اشیائے خوردونوش سے بھر ے سات ٹریلر نذر آتش

Updated at 0940 PST

پشاور…کرم ایجنسی کے علاقے لور کرم میں سیکیورٹی فورسز کے قافلے پر شدت پسندوں نے حملہ کرکے اشیائے خوردونوش سے بھر ے سات ٹریلر نذر آتش کردئیے-ذرائع کے مطابق لوئر کرم کے علاقے دروانی میں سیکیورٹی فورسز کی نگرانی میں پشاور سے پاراچنار جانے والے اشیائے خوردونوش کے قافلے پر شدت پسندوں نے راکٹوں اور خود کار ہتھیاروں سے حملہ کرکے کروڑوں روپے مالیت کی اشیا خوردونوش سے بھرے ٹریلرزکو لوٹنے کے بعد نذر آتش کردیا حملے کے بعد سیکیورٹی فورسز نے جوابی کارروائی کی تاہم شدت پسند موقع سے فرار ہوگئے۔ واقعے کے بعد سکیورٹی فورسیز نے علاقے کو گیرے میں لے کر شدت پسندوں کے مشتبہ ٹھکانوں کو نشانہ بنایا تاہم کسی جانی نقصان کی اطلاع نہیں ملی۔

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Convoy of fuel, food torched in Kurram

By our correspondents

SADDA/PARACHINAR: A group of militants Tuesday attacked and torched a convoy taking fuel and edibles for the tribespeople of Upper Kurram valley and in the subsequent exchange of fire a Frontier Corps soldier was wounded, official sources said. The authorities later imposed curfew in and around Sadda town and made preparations for a search operation to hunt down militants. Security officials said the militants attacked the convoy of seven vehicles in which fuel and food items were being transported to upper part of Kurram Agency and set it on fire in Durrani village, five kilometres south of Sadda, the main town of Lower Kurram valley. The soldier of the paramilitary Frontier Corps sustained injuries in the exchange of fire with the militants. After the closure of the Thall-Parachinar road three years ago due to poor security, the government has been taking people and food items from Peshawar to Parachinar, the headquarters of Kurram tribal region, in the form of convoys under the escort of the FC personnel. Official sources said the militants fired rockets at the convoy and then opened fire on the FC men with their AK-47 assault rifles. They first torched the oil-tanker and then set ablaze the remaining vehicles carrying food items without facing any major resistance. Later, the authorities sent the FC troops to the area and cordoned off the village where the militants attacked the convoy. The political administration under the territorial responsibility clause of the Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) suspended all perks and privileges of the Durrani tribespeople and started investigation into the incident. Also, the authorities clamped curfew in Sadda and its adjoining areas for seven days and started making arrangements for launching a crackdown against militants.




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