Editorial: Taliban apologist and Turncoat PTI destabilizing Pakistan with its vicious political vendetta

After its vicious slander against the PPP leadership, the PTI has just overseen the murder of Ali Raza Abidi; a prominent former MQM MNA.

The late Ali Raza Abidi was a nationally respected voice against Takfiri terrorism. He had recently left MQM after the controversial 2018 election when his former party joined the PTI government. These elections had been allegedly rigged in favour of the PTI and MQM, along with the PPP had seen many of their winning constituencies forcibly rigged in favour of the PTI.

While the murder has shocked Pakistan, it is only the latest in a series of blunders by the witless PTI government.

While our chattering classes will take their usual gory delight in the witch hunt against the PPP, this will not solve Pakistan’s pressing economic crisis.

Two successive right wing governments that have been backed by different juntas have tanked the Pakistani economy.

Economic sense dictates that the PPP should be in charge. PTI and PML N might be more palatable in a mess hall fantasy but they are incapable of generating the national revenue to pay our bills. Nor are they capable of addressing the concerns of the masses.

This is the tough decision that confronts the stakeholders in Pakistan. The pivot to China for the United States has been a financial disaster. PTI and PML N’s political vendettas against the PPP have tanked our economy. This cannot go on for too long….

Common sense dictates a rethink in the existing national paradigm that is still tolerating a clueless Imran Khan.



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