Obfuscating report on Agonies of Shia-Hazra community by NHCR – Aamir Hussaini



Not Understanding of Agonies of Hazara community but spreading more obfuscation

Recently National Commission for Human Rights in Pakistan has released a report titled”Understanding the Agonies of Ethnic Hazaraz”. Title of this report skips Shia identity of Hazara community which is main reason behind their target killing and genocide.

Official websites of daily Dawn, Tribun Express and others (Which are pro liberal and civil society elites news websites) made headline of this report inclined to obfuscating main reason of target killing of Hazara Community in Quetta:

509 Hazaras killed in terror-related incidents during last five years in Quetta: NCHR report

This is not just for the Hazara community that informed the NCHR’s report but for all people of Pakistan.


509 Hazaraz killed, 627 injured over last five years in Quetta: NHCR


509 Hazaras Killed In Last Five Years In Quetta


Not a single mainstream English newspaper used term ‘Shia-Hazra’ or did not inform us the reason behind their killings and who are behind their genocide and marginalization.

Interesting thing is that this report, according to news appeared in mainstream English liberal Press, ruled out any conflict of the community with Baloch and Pashtun communities in the region. It quoted a National Party senator, Kabir Muhammad Shahi, saying that “there has been no issue of Balochs or Pashtuns with Hazaraz in Balochistan”. But this report never tells us about actual miscreants and reason of their enmity with Hazara Community.

This is open secret that Takfiri Deobandi militant organizations like Tehreek Taliban Pakistan-TTP, Laskar-i-Jhangvi-LeJ, Jamat-i-Ahrar, ISIS affiliated groups who are active and ideological ally of banned(just in papers but its leadership is roaming freely all over Pakistan and its Baluchistan chapter is spreading hatred against Shia-Hazara community living in Quetta) Ahle Sunnat Waljammat-ASWJ aka SSP are involved in target killing of Hazra community due to their Shia identity.

Our mainstream media, mainstream civil society organizations and Liberal elite dominating in both sectors often time obfuscate Shia identity of Hazara Community which plays main role in their target killing and attacks made by Takfiri Deobandi militants, when they discuss agonies of ethnic Hazras of Quetta, Baluchistan.

When you discuss plight of Hazra community in Quetta then you should keep in your mind one very important and basic premise that this is not question of just ethnic cleansing but this also Shia cleansing. And our liberal elite civil society censors this premise every time.

This liberal elites in majority (not only having dominating positions in mainstream electronic and print media of Pakistan but in International liberal media establishment also) spread false binaries when discuss Shia killings in Pakistan. They never clearly tell their readers and audiences about Takfiri Deobandi Militancy in Pakistan and its role not only in marginalization and running genocide campaign for Shia but for Sufi Sunnis, Christians, Ahmadis and Hindus also.

They discuss faith based violence without pointing out Takfiri Deobandi Militancy and violence in Pakistan and its role in Shia-Hazra genocide particularly and in Shia genocide in Pakistan.

You can see that not a single Pashtun, Baluch nationalist politician who was contacted by report compilers on Hazra Shia genocide in Quetta uttered name of Takfiri Deobandis and not revealed their role in this dirty war against Shia-Hazra.

National Commission for Human Rights in Pakistan was set up by Government of Pakistan and its majority members have been nominated from Liberal elites of Pakistani civil society which have already very biased ideas on question of Shia-genocide and Shia-Hazra killings. They adopted old prejudiced and biased discourse on this issue and obfuscated reality.



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