Supporting Takfiri terrorists a shared policy of the Pakistani and US establishment


On the history of supporting WSD Proxies for morally repugnant foreign policy objectives, the Pakistani establishment is emulating its mentors and paymasters, the United States and Saudi Arabia. The Pakistani establishment tends to be more crass about this horrific policy of supporting sections of the Taliban and their local Deobandi affiliates such as the Sipah Sahaba/ASWJ/JeM etc.

The rhetoric applied as well as what is left unsaid, is as follows:

“We need strategic depth in Afghanistan from where we can fight India. Ooh, we never thought about the fallout to Pakistan”

“India is out to get us – often times using the same groups that we created to fight them”

“We only provide moral, diplomatic and political support”

The United States attempts to apply weak sophistry which can be paraphrased accordingly.

“Oh, the 1980s support for Osama bin Laden was a mistake. We never knew. The wily Pakistanis cuckolded us – a global leader in technology, propaganda, military and finance. Aawww Shucks, Poor us! we were taken advantage of by (yet another) third world/failing country”

“We had to leave Saddam in place after 1991”

“We support the right of Iranian expats in Paris and Los Angeles to restart a cult-backed monarchy in Tehran”

“Domino effect”

“The 4-5 rebels we trained and armed to fight Bashar Al Assad only cost the tax payer $500,000,000. The weapons we provided to Salafi rapists ended up by mistake with ISIS and Al Qaeda who were just sharing the same tent. And Ideology as they rebels whom we trained in Jordan.”

“We had to allow Al Qaeda and the Taliban to escape to Pakistan during 2001-2002 and we had to allow ISIS to escape from Syria in 2017, because you know, our foreign policy is made in Riyadh.”

On the decades-long US Bromance with the ISIS/Al Qaeda/Taliban-sponsoring Saudis

“Its complicated”

The last is actually a direct quote from former US president Obama.



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