Defeating Takfiri Ideology – by Peja Mistry


The Einsteins of Taliban military establishment have come up with a foolproof strategy to win 2018 elections by fooling the people of Pakistan. This time using slogan of Democracy instead of Islam to rule the country. I have explained in my previous articles how these Einsteins consisting of metric fail generals of Pakistan, the goofiest politician of all time Nawaz Sharif and the worst jokers acting as the judges in the Supreme Court, came up with this “novel” plan of hoodwinking the people of Pakistan by “making” Nawaz Sharif as the “leader of opposition” and “Prime Minister” at the same time.

Let me explain it little more before I come to the main topic of this thesis which is how do people of Pakistan keep defeating the military generals despite all odds against them. In other words why are we different than Middle Eastern countries including Turkey.

You might try to imagine how a metric fail general thinks, the IQ level of these generals is evident from how over the last 70 years they have dealt with the people of Pakistan. After the death of Benazir Bhutto, military generals of Pakistan had realised that there is no way they can create the Middle East Muslim country like situation in Pakistan. With every passing decade, people of Pakistan have become more vibrant, vigilant and in many ways powerful. The murder of Benazir Bhutto has created even more hatred against military generals and their extremists cronies in the hearts of people of Pakistan.

During PPP’s government in 2008-2013, despite continuous suicide bombing killing thousands of Pakistanis, and persistent propaganda by the whole media and victimisation via the crony judges of military, people of Pakistan refused to submit before these generals. Asif Zardari completed his tenure and with his political acumen he got rid of the evil aspect of dictators-introduced amendments in the constitution of Pakistan. Above all he was able to deprive military generals of Pakistan from their most valued asset Osama Bin Laden.

It was for that reason that military generals had to resort to the extreme violence to win 2013 elections. With the help of Taliban they ensured the success of Nawaz Sharif by killing thousands of Pakistanis during election campaign. But this strategy can not work in 2018 for obvious reasons. That’s why they came up with this “clever” plan.

The fact of the matter is that the Supreme Court, JIT, NAB and media are the key actors in the implementation of this plan. Panama case came out of the blue which helped the military generals to hoodwink people and at the same time saving Nawaz Sharif from a political death. Panama case was an open and shut case in which ALL the allegations of corruption against Nawaz Sharif by Benazir Bhutto in 90’s had proven without an iota of doubt. The looted money of people of Pakistan had ended up in off shore companies held in the name of Nawaz Sharif’s sons and daughter.

Supreme court could have not only arrested and sentenced Nawaz Sharif but also Shehbaz Sharif and almost the whole family. They may even had confiscated their assets to recover the looted money from them. But instead military generals decided to kill two birds in one stone. One they obfuscated the whole Panama issue in such a way that instead of it being viewed as case of corruption and looted money it appeared as a politically instituted case. Then instead of sentencing Nawaz Sharif on corruption charges they got him dismissed on Iqama so that he can run his 2018 election campaign as a “opposition leader”.

If you listen to the so-called “narrative” from every Aristotle in media from Asma Jahangir to Nusrat Javed you will see how they are propagating the narrative that next elections will be decided on the question of “Democracy”.

So with this refresher on the strategy of military establishment to win in 2018, let me explain how people of Pakistan will once again defeat the establishment.

For this I would first like to give some historical perspective on the battle between people and military generals in previous elections. I will just take the example of elections of 1988, after the death of military dictator General Zia. In those elections just like now the whole print media (which is now replaced by the electronic media) of Pakistan had run the campaign for IJI against Benazir Bhutto. If you recall those elections you can draw all sorts of parallels between them least of all that in both elections Nawaz Sharif is the main beneficiary of military establishment. In 1988, it was the question of Islam and military establishment built the narrative that on one side it is Islam and on the other side it is Benazir Bhutto.

They used all propaganda machinery to create this narrative. They used every obnoxious method in their book to run a smear campaign against Benazir and Nusrat Bhutto, including their photoshopped pictures to scandals between Zardari and Benazir. Similarly they used mullahs to give edicts on the rule of woman. The print media from Nawa-i-waqt to Jang ran all kinds of fake stories and so-called analysis to discredit Benazir Bhutto and support Nawaz Sharif in those elections. The current campaign on the question of Democracy has all the hallmarks of 88 elections campaign. For example instead of Islam it is now Democracy. You can easily draw more parallels in the campaign leading up to the elections in 2018.

So just like in 1988, there was a big surprise in store for the military establishment as they had no idea that Benazir Bhutto who should not have even won her own constituency let alone winning the whole elections and becoming the prime minister of Pakistan.

In order to understand how people of Pakistan have defeated military establishment so many times, we need to understand how more than seventy percent population of Pakistan thinks and behaves. Let me start with some not so obviously connected facts.

1. Do you know that there are thousands of shrines and Imam Bargahs in Pakistan where millions of people visit every day. But have you ever wondered that electronic media and the so-called urban educated middle class of Pakistan treats these practices with so much contempt that they are never given any space in media. Even in India such shrines have more space in media and literature/art then in Pakistan. But despite a very well planned and funded campaign against these shrines and Imam Bargahs the number of people going to these shrines have not declined in any significant number.

2. In 80’s Pakistan military establishment funded by US encouraged the youth of Pakistan to take part in so-called Afghan “Jihad” and then later on in 90’s Kashmir Jihad. But with all their efforts they could not recruit enough Jihadi youth from Pakistan. It was utter frustration from military general that they had to do the Kargil because they could never recruit enough Jihadi youth from Pakistan to fight even Kashmir Jihad which they thought will attract Pakistani youth just like Palestinian youth was attracted to Jihad against Israel. I remember the campaign run by so-called “Danishwars” and Mullahs together to recruit Pakistani youth for Jihad. But they never succeeded, have you wondered why?

3. For the last 15+ years, Pakistan is the target of Takfiri Deobandi Taliban extremists. They have attacked Shrines, Imam Bargahs, Churches, Mosques (including Ahmadis), Schools, Markets and have killed 70+ thousand people. But despite all those attacks there have not been any retaliatory attacks or to counter these attacks no private armed defence force have been used by these victims. Every Moharram, each Imam Bargah is under the constant threat from these extremists but the volunteers standing there to stop those suicide bombers stand unarmed risking their own life to save others. Similarly there have been dozens of attacks against almost every big Shrine in Pakistan from Daata Darbar to Lal Qalandar. But millions of the visitors of these Shrines never took arms to take the revenge. Have you wondered why? Have you ever wondered why after the attack on Lal Qalandar mazar people instead of raging in anger go to the same shrine and chant Mast Qalandar Mast?

4. Do you know that every commercial liberal mafia anchor retorts that if you allow these sit-ins then every extremists group will come and do sit-in to get their demands. Do you know that Qazi Hussain Ahmed did several long marches and dharna against Benazir Bhutto’s government? Do you also know that from Mutahida Majlis-e-Amal to Pakistan defence council and all deobandi/wahabi organizations have tried to do sit-ins in Islamabad. Even Nawaz Sharif did his long march to get Iftikhar Chandhary restored. Do you know the two main differences between the sit-ins done under the auspices of military establishment and sit-ins done common people of Pakistan be they PPP/PTI/PAT or Shia organizations or Bralevi organisation? The first is all of these sit-ins have been successful because of people’s participation.

Second they were completely peaceful be it 126 days sit-in of PTI or 21 days sit-in of Khadim Rizvi. Even when police used firearms against these unarmed civilians like in Model Town these people remained relatively peaceful. On the other hand all of the military establishment’s sponsored sit-ins or long march lacked people’s participation and they in the end turned so violent that from common people not participating in those sit-ins to the military personals deployed to control them were killed, tortured and even kidnapped. It is for that reason that when a journalist posed the question to Khadim Hussain Rizvi that if other groups come and do the sit-in like he did, his response was yes if they can stay peaceful and gather as many people they must.

5. Last but not the least, do you know that almost 100% of the so-called liberal media personals be they work in BBC/CNN or in local channels including GEO, Dawn, ARY or any other channel have one thing in common with the deobandi/Salafi extremist journos like Ansar Abbasi, Orya Maqbool, Hamid Mir etc? There hatred against the poor, illiterate and countryside people of Pakistan which happens to be those 70% who go to Shrines, Imam Bargahs and Churches target of takifiri deobandi terrorists. You will notice how all of these so-called anchors talk about the people of Sindh, South Punjab and rural KPK and Balochistan.

All the above facts are apparently disconnected, but they are the foundation of the success of people of Pakistan against military establishment. One thing common in all of the above facts is the 70% people of Pakistan who do not subscribe to the takfiri deobandi wahabi ideology. These are the resilient people who are the survivors of the 4000 years old civilisation based on tolerance, freedom and love. These are the people who fought against five most ruthless generals, who have given their lives for the sake of democracy, freedom and tolerance.

It is for this reason, I am confident that once again in the elections of 2018, military establishment’s stooges will be defeated unless the generals resort to the violence just like they did in 2013.

Long live Democracy, Tolerance and Freedom.



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