A People’s History of Pakistan: Lal Masjid, Model Town and the heartless commercial liberals who backed the murderous Sharif


The Commercial Liberal Mafia lead by #AsmaJehangir supported the corrupt, Pro Taliban judge, PCO Iftikhar Chaudhary. PCO Iftikhar Chaudhry supported the Lal Masjid Deobandi terrorists who killed thousands of Pakistanis and Americans (at #SanBernardino).

For years, the hyper-activist court of PCO Chaudhary went after the PPP government but failed to prove the mythical women alleged to have been killed in the bungled Lal Masjid operation by the stupid military dictator, General Musharaf.

PCO Chaudhary and Nawaz Sharif supported the Deobandi terrorists of Lal Masjid over the State even thought the Lal Masjid and its subsidiary, the Jamia Hafsa (which later declared its allegiance to #ISIS) had committed acts of vigilante violence and kidnapped and tortured a Shia family including a few month old infant. The Lal Masjid had also kidnapped and attacked foreigners as well as illegally occupied public property; which they used to spread hatred and violence.

Both during the operation and afterward, the Takfiri Deobandi nexus backing Lal Masjid demonstrated their armed militant capability as they killed thousands of Pakistanis of all faiths and sects including innocent Deobandis in indiscriminate attacks. Pakistan’s commercial liberal Mafia played a horrible role by obfuscating this terrorism as a “proxy war” and “sectarian violence”.

In 2014, the same commercial liberal Mafia showed their unrestrained and indecent glee as the anti-Taliban activists of a Sunni Sufi denomination were dragged out of their private office and shot dead by the Punjab police on the orders of Rana Sanaullah and Shahbaz Sharif. More than one hundred peaceful activists whose only fault was that they were against the Taliban were killed and wounded. This was during the time when the Pro Taliban Nawaz Sharif was still dithering on a military operation against the Taliban.

PM Nawaz Sharif instead of demanding accountability against his criminal brother, CM Shahbaz Sharif, tried to crack down on the ensuing protests. ISIS-affiliated Deobandi and Salafi groups such as JUI/ASWJ-LeJ/JeM and LeT came out in defense of the murderous PML N government. The commercial liberal Mafia joined hands with Taliban parties like JUI and Mahmood Khan Achakzai in their vicious and sectarian attacks against the protests by Dr Tahir ul Qadri. Achakzai’s disgusting sectarian reference against “Sham e Ghariban” and JUI’s lewd misogynist remarks against female protestors was a sentiment shared by Pakistan’s commercial liberals under the caliphate of Asma Jehangir and Hamid Mir. This is not mere extrapolation – this liberal Mafia is so dishonest that it could not desist from equating Lal Masjid with Model Town. Truly shameful.

Three years after the fact, a report on the Mode Town massacre that implicates PML N minister Rana Sanaullah and Punjab Chief Minister, Shahbaz Sharif S said to be made public. The same self righteous Jammati Liberal sellouts who hounded the elected PPP government on the orders of their darlin corrupt PCO judges and Nawaz Sharif do not want to talk about this report. This report exposes their hypocrisy and their dishonest narratives and False binaries.

The People’s History of Pakistan will show that Pakistan’s commercial liberal sellouts betrayed their own to the Taliban. They danced and bleated to the whims of Taliban-facilitating politicians like Nawaz Sharif. They promoted, stood by and supported Deobandi hate clerics and terrorists like Ahmad Ludhyanvi, Tahir Ashrafi and Fazlur Rehman. When activists like the late #KhurramZaki and #SabeenMahmud stood up, they too were betrayed by this lobby. The commercial liberal lobby sold their blood but never held the Takfiri nexus accountable for their murders.

The same lobby mocked Tahir ul Qadri who showed restraint and did not support the PML N-lead hate campaign against Taseer. The hate campaign against Taseer was facilitated by PML N when they employed abusive thugs like Khadim Rizvi.



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