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The real ugly face of Asma Jahangir – Commercial Liberal Mafia Nexus between Commercial Liberals and Deobandi/Wahabi extremists

A friend of mine posed this question to me “Why are you so against Asma Jahangir?”
Before I answer this question let me first make it clear that somehow the commercial liberal mafia (Asma Jahangir’s gang) have created an illusion that anyone who speaks against them is a right wing extremist who supports Pakistan military mafia. Therefore I would like to first establish my liberal democratic credentials and prove that Commercial Liberal Mafia of Pakistan consisting of people like Asma Jahangir, Najm Sethi, Nusrat Javed, Imtiaz Alam, Raza Rumi, Marvis Sirmid and their disciples are not the only liberal voices in Pakistan. And they are not the only ones who criticise Pakistan military junta. There are strong alternative voices on social media like LUBP and many individuals who are indeed the real liberal and democrats who want a secular liberal democratic Pakistan. These people have not only raised their voices but also have given their lives in this battle.
As far as I am concerned, I would like to state some facts about myself so that this commercial liberal mafia does not allege me to be a pro-establishment tout. I am an old jiyala who has always raised his voice against military junta. I am probably the oldest writer on social media with the pseudo name pejamistri. Long before the judicial movement was started against the mad dictator (this name was given by me to the military dictator Pervez Musharraf), I was a major contributor on the forums like south asia tribune, pakistaniat, pkpolitics etc.
I have written several articles against military junta in Pakistan and unlike our commercial liberal careerist writers I have always written against the sitting don (COAS) and his gang. The fact is people like Marvi Sirmid, Nusrat Javed, Raza Rumi used to follow me on twitter and other forums and used to quote me on several occasions against Pakistan military junta. My secular credentials are much better then any of the commercial liberals who selectively raise their voice when it suits to their career.
From Asia Bibi to Shia genocide, from Ahmedi’s persecution to atrocities against Hindus and other minorities, I have consistently raised my voice and written without fear. Unlike our commercial liberal mafia, I have openly identifies Deobandi/Wahabi extremists and have also exposed the hateful ideology that not only plagues Pakistan but have caused terrible sufferings to the whole world. I introduced the terms like “Acute lack of sense proportion syndrome (ALSPS)” to expose people who try to compare Islamic extremists with individual fanatics and their actions. I also exposed “the doctrine of best deception” which both Islamic extremists and our commercial liberal mafia use to deceive people about their real motives. So in a nutshell, no one can accuse me of being military tout or a right-wing molvi.
Now let me come to the real objective of this article. In this article I am going to expose Asma Jahangir and her gang whom I call commercial liberal mafia of Pakistan. I would also try to expose the nexus between this mafia and Pakistan’s military junta and their cronies Deobandi/Wahabi extremists.
Let’s first establish few more facts, these facts will serve as context for this exposé.
1. Mian Nawaz Sharif is a right-wing Pakistani politician who is fully supported by Pakistan’s military (particularly the Saudi/Wahabi group of military generals). He was the biggest beneficiary of the rigged elections in 2013 which were held under the election commission run by Taliban. Nawaz Sharif is the only politician who was allowed to conduct his campaign without any fear and he was openly supported by the military establishment and extremists in Punjab.
2. Benazir Bhutto was a true progressive liberal democrat but a realist who would not budge on her democratic and liberal principles against any threats including death threats. Benazir Bhutto as a realist not only signed the Charter of Democracy to strengthen the struggle against mad dictator Pervez Musharraf. But she also negotiated with military junta for smooth power transition. Benazir Bhutto never agreed with Nawaz Sharif’s politics and considered him as her opposite in every way. She was well aware of the nexus between the Saudi/Wahabi generals of Pakistan’s military and Nawaz Sharif. She considered Pervez Musharraf as the non-Wahabi general who could be exploited to go against the extremists faction in the military.
3. Last but not the least, majority of the commercial liberal mafia comes from Deobandi/Wahabi background, who in their personal religious views are similar if not identical to Deobandi/Wahabi faith. Even those who claim to be atheist have the same religious ideology as that of Wahabi faith. I call them Deobandi Atheist who believe in abusing all religions EQUALLY which serves their purpose of providing the cover to hateful ideology of Islamism. And those who claim to be secular muslim are essentially deobandi/wahabi who would not hesitate to stand with any Deobandi/Wahabi mullah likes of Tahir Ashrafi, Javed Ghamdi, Qazi Hussain, Fazl-ur-Rehman etc. But they will always be hostile and abusive towards Shia and Bralevi molvis like Tahir-ul-Qadri, Sajid Naqvi, Talib Johri, Mohsin Naqvi etc.
Now let us focus on Asma Jahangir whom I declare the current don of commercial liberal mafia. Consider the following points:

* Asma Jahangir pretends to be the most vocal critic of Pakistan military generals. And she always ensures that in every media talk she can say at least something that can be construed as criticism against military. But you will notice that she is always deceptive in her criticism. She would not name any sitting general, neither she would point out any specific action (Balochistan atrocities, Shia killing, Taliban support etc.) unless it is obvious and everybody else is already criticising.

* She never hesitate to support Nawaz Sharif openly and enthusiastically, on the other hand she was extremely critical of Benazir Bhutto during her first and second tenure, and she was almost abusive against Asif Zardari. Here is an example of her talk with Hamid Mir (a known Taliban journalist) in which she accuses Zardari of sexual harassment and misogynistic behaviour.

* There is a strong nexus between Geo and Commercial Liberal Mafia. It is pertinent to note that all the Taliban journalist including Salim Safi, Ansar Abbasi, Umer Cheema, Ahmed Noorani, Abdul Qayyum are serving in Geo under the leadership of Hamid Mir. All these journalists who would sometimes appear to criticise Asma Jahangir but it is known to everyone that they have very strong social connections with Asma Jahangir. I give an example that few days ago Ali Zaidi had an argument with Asma Jahangir in a talk show, Asma Jahangir left the show accusing Ali Zaidi of bad behaviour. Few days later Salim Safi wrote an article in which he accused that Ali Zaidi is a Shia Irani agent working for Iran’s intelligence agency. And then Ali Zaidi said he started getting death threats from ASWJ/Sipha-e-Sahaba. Anyone can easily spot the link “Asma Jahangir->Salim Safi->ASWJ”. This is not the only example, an ex-editor of LUBP who was the first one to expose Marvi Sirmid and her gang on social media, was first threatened by Tahir Ashrafi when he wrote about Marvi Sirmid on his blog. And later on his family back in Lahore was threatened by Akram Lahori (who happens to be uncle of Marvi Sirmid).

* Asma Jahangir and her gang including Nusrat Javed & Imtiaz Alam are supported by Tahir Ashrafi and Molvi Tariq Jameel followers. It is a known fact that Nusrat Javed & Imtiaz Alam introduced Tahir Ashrafi to president Asif Zardari, who then appointed him member of CII. Asma Jahangir will openly abuse Tahir-ul-Qadri and has always taken his name with so much scorn that it appears as if Qadri is an insect whom she would not hesitate to crush. She never tries to hide her hatred against Qadri and many other bralevi molvis. However she would have utmost respect for every single Deobandi/Wahabi molvi. Her respect for Qazi Hussain Ahmed was known to everyone and she even respects the gangster Siraj-ul-Haq.
* She has close ties with Saudi Arabia. She will never speak a single word against Saudi oppression against women and Shias.
* Asma Jahangir claims herself to be the champion of oppressed women’s voice in Pakistan, but after the murder of Salman Taseer she never dared saying a single word in favour of Asia Bibi. Commercial Liberal Mafia is very selective in their activism and ensures that it does not annoy their paymaster (Saudi/Wahabi fund).
* The so-called “Anti-establishment” credentials of Asma Jahangir are also tainted with the selective criticism and support to military junta. Asma Jahangir has never raised her voice against military operations when they are in progress. From Balochistan to Karachi she always encashed her criticism after the operation was over. Commercial liberal mafia always claims the anti-establishment credit post event.
* Have you ever wondered that during the judicial movement and the tenure of Asif Zardari, when there were suicide attacks every single day. When even Benazir Bhutto was not spared by the extremists. There was never any threat to Commercial liberal mafia group in Pakistan.
* Have you ever wondered that people like Salim Shehzad, Khurram Zaki, Amjad Sabri who may not appear as prominent as our commercial liberal mafia members, are target killed. Not only that even many not so prominent reporters, doctors, lawyers have been target killed by the extremists, whereas our commercial liberal mafia has cashed every single attack against them with more money and prominence. One can not ignore the fact that Asma Jahangir must be the biggest target of extremist and establishment, however she is the most “fearless” lady in Pakistan.
I have strong views about our commercial liberal mafia because on one hand they have hijacked the liberal, secular movement in Pakistan and on the other hand with the help of establishment & extremists they are targeting the real liberal, secular voices in Pakistan. In the last 4 years, the damage caused to liberal secular voices in social media has been far-reaching. Many voices have been shutdown either by killing them directly or shutting them down on the web.
The commercial liberal mafia group using the funds provided to them by their pay masters (military establishment) has shunned the liberal voices on social media. Like the social media cell run by Maryam Nawaz, the social media cell of commercial liberal mafia has ensured that they create so much noise in which no other liberal voice can be heard.



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