Who is coming to address joint session of parliament in Pakistan?



In Pakistan Farce Free Media is totally blacking out cruelty and dictatorial policies of Turkish President and Turkish state.

This is Turkish President which played very important role in creating #ISIS and destruction of Iraqi and Syrian cities.

Turkish state has made Kurdish areas a hell for Kurdish people.

What is happening in Kurdish areas? This question is not attractive for our mainstream media like this mainstream media has no interest in atrocities and hell like situation in Yemen by created by Saudi aggression.

Again i feel this is my duty i tell my comrades some truth about this butcher President which is going to address joint Parliament session..

My respectable comrade from Kurdistan Workers Party tweeted yesterday ,

Sirnak: Turkish terror of eight months in pictures



Demirtaş kept with Al-Qaeda convicts and ordinary prisoners


60-year-old faces prison sentence for not going out during the curfew


Captured ISIS member: Turkey and ISIS made an agreement


Mardin jailed women journalists created a handwritten newspaper
Turkey Untold ‏@TurkeyUntold 4h4 hours ago
. Mainstream media channels already censor HDP statements. Opposition channels shut down. Recently Periscope was the only way to reach out.
Turkey Untold ‏@TurkeyUntold 4h4 hours ago
. HDP got 6 million votes. Now both party co-chairs and MPs jailed. Daily arrest of members. Media censorship. Blockade in Parliament.
Another democratically elected mayor detained in Turkey: The co-mayor of district Ipek Yolu in province #Wan Bêrîtan Tayan has been detained
Not a single Turkish television was broadcasting the weekly meeting of #Turkey‘s 3rd largest Party in Parliament #HDP
Cahida Dêrsim ‏@cdersim3 4h4 hours ago



HDP members, officials of civil society organisations were not allowed to take part, so #HDP spokesperson was speaking to an empty room



Internet freedom: @FreedomHouseDC updates status of #Turkey from “partly free” to “not free”. Users prosecuted for posting #Erdogan jokes.


closed down by @Eutelsat_SA has won the (court) case in France.Gilgo added,


European satellite provider @Eutelsat_SA has infringed the laws of France and principals of free press by cutting broadcast of Kurdish TV.


More #Turkish-Islamic tolerance: #Assyrian Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in #Urfa given to the foundation of an #Islamic school.