Takfiri Fascism‬ emerged from ‪‎Deobandism‬ – Aamir Hussaini



#TakfiriFascism emerged from #Deobandism again refuted all tall claims made by now demoralized #Asimbajwa and i think tweet service of #ISPR has been suspened for some time.This scene shows us well brutality of Takfiri fascism on one side and also expansion of imperialist so called #Waronterrorism on other side.Reality is this still Ramzan mengal gang is roaming freely in Balochistan to pave way to increase more and more bastard suicide bombers among deobandi youth while radicalizing them.
They cry for #Halb of Syria and try to make our cities Halb or Aleppo like #Quttea and kill innocent people.State on one side injects billion of rupees to Takfiri so called Jihadist #Deobandiseminaries like Haqaania in the name of reform and thus more marginalises non takfiri segements of population like #SufiSunnis #Christians #Hindus #Shiite #Ahmadis.
Even tribal people majority of them are moderate pro peace Sunni Deobandis are suffering much false policies of military and civilian leadership of our country.We have seen near about 20 lac people displaced from their tribal areas due to criminal negligence of our state on growing Takfiri terrorists havens in tribal areas before starting operation Zarb-i-Azb.Our military junta diverted Rangers operation in Karachi from Takfiris to political parties and showed its more interest in running internal selective Takfiri and Jihadi proxy in Balochistan particularly.