Benazir Bhutto: A living legend – by Riaz Ali Toori

BENAZIR BHUTTO, the bravest of all, more steadfast than all men of Pakistan who put together the voice of SANITY, SECULARISM and DEMOCRACY. Like HERCULES, she was carrying the nation on her shoulders, a beacon of light after years of darkness, the LIGHTNING ROD we were waiting for. Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed molded the future of this country by her constant and firm struggle against regressive forces. She emerged on the political horizon of this country when a dictator had besieged this nation by his satanic policies implanting seeds of terrorism, Islamic fundamentalism and sectarian violence. Since then she spent every moment of her life in a continuous struggle to eradicate Zia’s relics that were playing havoc with this country. Her struggle comprised numerous ups and downs, soaked with tears, angst-ridden and drenched in blood.

Fortunate were the subjugated people of Pakistan who were led by the leader like Benazir Bhutto Shaheed whose struggle was no less than that of Nelson Mandela, Aung san suu Kyi, Mao Ze Deng and other icons of international stature. She dreamt of making Pakistan a country, free from poverty, terrorism, illiteracy, unemployment, corruption, inflation and sectarian violence. In order to materialize her dreams she faced every privation with patience but there was nothing that could deter her from this struggle.

She believed that the solution of all problems along with the progress and prosperity of her motherland lay in the ideology of Bhuttoism. Following the ideology of her great father she gave this nation a new vision and concept of reconciliation. A vision that did not bear fruit in a vacuum but was the result of her struggle and acumen. It was her vision and political insight that a true and parliamentary democracy has been restored in Pakistan. It was her vision that has today placed a perpetual block on the future of dictatorship.

It is indeed hard to forgive those who maligned her image, made her life tortuous, tarnished her image through mudslinging and wiped out the loved ones from her life life. Full kudos to the great leader Benazir Bhutto Shaheed who pardoned her worst rivals and introduced politics of reconciliation. How one can forget the era of 90’s and dubious role of PML-N leaders? But it was the vision and patience of Mohtarma that today the same leaders are heading the richest province of Pakistan. They should be thankful to Mohtarma who saved their political career and introduced a golden epoch of political patience. The return of democracy, much damaged by General Pervez Musharraf, is a crystal clear proof of her continuous struggle. She has laid the stage on which today’s politicians are rehearsing their games of politics with much fanfare and revived strength.

She did not buckle before a dictator but pursued him to assure restoration of democracy and secured the return of many exiled leaders. If there would have been no Benazir there would be not have been democracy in Pakistan and many leaders would have still remained in political asylum.

No one could imagine that ANP and MQM could be on the same frequency, no one could imagine a Pakistan without politics of revenge and personal vendetta and no one could imagine an atmosphere of reconciliation in a country whose history is replete with stories of political victimization but the vision and ideology of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed made all this nothing but a reality. She proved herself as a woman with God gifted qualities of leadership. Charter of democracy signed between to worst rival political parties was also a result of charisma of her political insight and acumen.

After the Constitution of Pakistan this is the most sacred document that proved a milestone which is a guarantee of the vibrant future of Pakistan. She induced the golden principle of her ideology, vision and sagacity for the success and progress of this country. Pakistan needs no other philosophy because these principles ensure a prosperous, invincible and strong Pakistan.

Fortunate were the people of Pakistan that got a leader like Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed but how unlucky was the “daughter of East”, who laid down her life for democracy but could not see her dream becoming a reality. Lucky were the browbeaten people of Pakistan who got the leader that strove for their rights but unfortunate was the Mohtarma who could not have a single sigh of relief throughout her life. Auspicious is the land of Pakistan that witnessed a leader like Benazir Bhutto Shaheed and how unlucky was the Mohtarma whose life was snatched by the fifth column of that very country……………..

Let’s pay tribute to her by saying these lines of great figure of literary world RUMI…









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