Tragic News: Massacre of Shia Muslims in Pakistan’s Parachinar town at the orders of Political Agent IIkramullah Khan



4 Shia Muslims have been martyred and dozens injured in Parachinar. The Frontier Constabulary (FC) opened fire on protesters who wanted the speakers they had invited on the occasion of the birthday of Imam Hussain (as) to be allowed entry. The administration refused them entry and had been creating problems for the past couple of days. Seemingly, the Political Agent of Kurram Agency, IIkramullah Khan, is anti-Shia bigot, and he is behind the whole thing. The fire was nonetheless opened by FC.

On one side banned outfit Takfiri Deobandi organisation ASWJ/SSP is allowed to hold a rally in Karachi and on other side In Parachinar, FC opens fire on rally organized by peaceful Shia Muslim