A tribute to Khurram Zaki – by Abbis Haider



I lost my life but held my ground.
My death has given this nation an open wound.
Nothing but bravery ran through my blood.
I hope that my people will not lose my sound.
I want nothing but continuation of my cause.
This movement I started should never pause.
The vow I want you people to give me.
That`s what I only need as an applause.
The reason of my death is quite well-known.
It was my resistance and a victorious tone.
My murderers should not roam freely.
Fight this injustice even if you stand alone.
My martyrdom is the legacy of Hussaniat.
Truth was bitter and unbearable for Yazidiat.
Cowards ambushed to kill me in cold blood.
Losing the war as this blood will help in sowing the seed of progressive Pakistaniant!


Abbis Haider is a writer and social activist