Benazir Bhutto: an iconic figure – by Tauqeer Abbas

The 3rd death anniversary of a blazing fire of truth, a beauteous blossom of love, a soothing balm of peace, highly experienced lecturer, one of the best decision makers, esteemed, much-loved, daughter of the East Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto will be observed with the renewed commitment and pledge to strengthen the democratic institution in line with the vision of one of the greatest leader of this subcontinent.

The daughter of Pakistan is no more with us but is a guiding star for the generations to come. It was her unprecedented determination and sacrifice for nation. Her commitment towards people was spotless that she did not let her own misfortunes position in her way. Mohtarma Shaheed will always be remembered in world politics because of her
political acumen and leadership qualities. History of our region cannot find any other example of a leader who climbed to such eminence.

Benazir Bhutto Shaheed in her address to a rally at Liaqat Bagh Rawalpindi, Thursday, 27 December 2007, said

“My sisters and brethren, you have given a great honor to your sister. Twice you elected me as the prime minister; it is no longer important if I become the prime minister for the third time; what is important is that I have risked my life while coming back; but I had to return because my country is in danger. I feel that the people feel concerned about the country’s circumstances. That is why I have returned home; I have come to you to say that your sister needs those who are brave; who are courageous and who are faithful to the national flag; the flag of our motherland and the flag of the Pakistan People’s Party. I need your support in the work for the security and integrity of Pakistan; let us join hands to steer the country out of the crisis and rid the country from those who have endangered its security”.

Today we live a better life in many aspects but question arises what are the reasons behind it? Many times we hardly realize what others had done for us. I would consider it momentous to quote Mohtarma again, she said: “Some
people may not understand why I left a comfortable life and faced these threats. So many people have sacrificed much for so many things, so many died and so many see me as the hope of liberty. Now, I cannot run away from the battle. Dr. Martin Luther King’s phrase comes to my mind: “Our lives end when we keep our silence in important issues.” And I confide myself to my own people by my belief on God.”

Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed had the extraordinary nobility to become the 1st Prime Minister of an Islamic country and had an honor to be included in hundred world leaders, whose speeches have been included among hundred speeches. She endured all sorts of hardships she had to face tragedies like martyrdom of her father, her brothers, threats to her life, still she lived out what she sermonized. She recuperated after every blow with new commitment, strength, and willpower. She really motivated people and maintained their hopes during the era of dictatorship. She was of the view that if you turn your pain into strength, you can conquer world with this strength.

Benazir Bhutto was of the view that the continuation of democratic order and establishment of good governance was the only way to ensure nation’s well being. Shaheed Mohtarma once said “The politics of violence is the dire enemy of the hopes, the dreams and the ambitions of our people”. In reality, she is the founder of politics of reconciliation and harmony. At then National Defense College, she said in a speech: “The basic elements which define my vision of Pakistan are: a modern, enlightened, social democracy based on federalism and parliamentary form of government”. She represented an idea of human liberation, empowerment of common man and a welfare state.

There are very few people who become eternal after their deaths and without any doubt Benazir Bhutto fits in that category. She is a heartthrob of millions and rules their heart and minds. We should learn lesson from her life, which is a unique role model for people of entire world. Her name would be testified in golden words in the annals of history. She will be remembered by history for so many things like unwavering resolve, courage, ability to forgive etc. Be it workers, laborer, students, teachers, lawyers and women, PPP has got the sole honor of having its deep roots in all section of society. She may not be with us today but her vision continues to lighten our path, the principles remain for which fought and gave her life.

“Individuals can be killed but not ideas. Ideas live in the hearts of minds of men and women”- Benazir Bhutto Shaheed



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