My Media or Thy Media – by Saad Raz

My fellow countrymen

I am an overseas Pakistani, having settled abroad since the last few years. I now live in a multicultural society in Canada.

And when I compare my country of birth to that of my adopted country, I feel highly satisfied. By the grace of Almighty Allah our country Pakistan does not have any issues of freedom movements as such, other than a few unhappy extremists groups.

These groups are nothing more than salt in the flour, whereas on the other hand once we interact with Sardars(SIKHS) abroad, they really enjoy to discuss the topic of Khalistan, a freedom which still remains in the hearts of Sikhs.

Other than this there are so many freedom movements emerging every day, making things ominous. The plus point of our neighbors is that their media always portray the image of a united India. They are true nationalists. On the contrary, the dilemma with our nation is that our media demonstrates nothing but disaster in our country. If you read a newspaper or watch a political talk show, you would think that there are dangers to our country and to the democratic government.

This line of action leads the nation to nowhere, but it is instilling disappointment and peculiar situations within people. It is just like the last nail in the coffin.

I would request the media to be positive. How, how could this be possible that nothing good has been happening in the country?

How come there is no progression amongst the people and in the country? If not us then who else shall be responsible for the chaos that’s taking place presently. Democracy is like an infant kid in our house. Once its young its bound to make mistakes but by the time it gets older it will get more mature and responsible.

Please let the democracy flourish in our country. We have had enough non-democratic elements at the helm of our affairs and we gave them room, accepted their mistakes, so why not give time to democracy, which is government by the people, for the people and of the people.

Long live democracy!



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