Even Mullah Omar was better than Caliph Ali: Javed Ghamidi’s encrypted hateful talks – by Pejamistri


There is a need to critically examine Javed Ghamidi’s talks on “Shia Tahreek” (the Shia movement) and “Khariji Tahreek” (the Kharijite movement). Hypocrite, in his typical way, he tried to prove how Shia and Kharijites were same people and in fact Kharjis were better then Caliph Ali. Ghamidi suggest that the Kharijites were against Caliph Ali because he was not equal to Caliphs Abu Bakar and Omer. Kharijis wanted Khalifa (Caliph) to be at least as good as Omer. In the passing remarks he also mentioned that even Mullah Omar was better that’s why Taliban wanted someone at least like mullah Omar.

Clearly, Ghamidi is the biggest hypocrite and bigot clerics alive. In hypocrisy and viciousness, I put him much higher then Tariq Jamils and Tahir Ashrafis of this world. He is in the rank of Israr, Farahi and Maudoodi

He is the master in this kind of deception. I can easily decrypt his encrypted hateful talks, for whole one and quarter hour, his only objective was to prove that Shia and Khariji movements were same political movements and in the passing he legitimized the Taliban including their atrocities against innocent people. It is very important to understand that purpose of all his talks is to justify Taliban’s [Deobandi] Islam.

For the past 10 years, that is his only objective, i.e., to promote a bigoted Salafi-Deobandi version of Islam. For this, he gives long talks proving how all Islamic sects believe in the same Islam, how Shia and even Hazrat Ali were ‘as bad as’ Taliban, and how Salafi/Wahhabi and Deobandi are the ‘greatest’ movements.