A comment on Muslims and terrorism article – Pejamistri



There is so much wrong in this article, first of all the three questions the writer formulated to show how Trump and others are ‘fear mongering’ stupids despite ‘British Muslim’ community cooperation against terrorism. The three questions are irrelevant to say the least, I’ll talk about them one by one. And then even the answers to these questions are misguided and incorrect (if not outright lies). In the end of this article I’ll pose relevant question and have truthful answer to the question. That will prove that Trump & others are not just fear-mongers instead their fears are genuine and every single terrorist ‘s attack in Europe and US proves it.
Lets start with the first question:
Do Muslims condemn terrorism? As I said what a stupid question to ask and then it is not even relevant. Condemnation of terrorism means nothing if those who are capable of stopping it don’t stop it. Even the answer to this is complete lie. There is only a tiny fraction of Muslim population in UK ( & Europe & US too) consisting of Shias, Bralevis (not all of them) and Ahmedis who might condemn terrorism out rightly the rest of the Muslim population consisting deobandi & wahabi which are the vocal majority have all of their sympathies with their brother terrorists. Go in any Muslim gathering or go to any mosque in Jumma prayer and you will find that every condemnation is qualified with Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Palestine. Majority of the mosques in US/UK and West are funded by KSA, Kuwait, Qatar and other Middle Eastern states, they spread the same ideology that these terrorists subscribe and ask any of the Muslim coming out of these mosque after Juma prayer this question and answer would be “We condemn all acts of terrorism including in acts by Israel, USA”.
Second Question : Do British Muslims report terrorism when they see it? Once again answer to this is a partial lie, in the twisted words the writer actually accepted that not all Muslim report terrorism when they see it. Though the writer quoted references from retired intelligence officers to BBC poll to prove that Muslims are “increasingly (sic.)” coming forward to report suspicious activities but the fact of the matter is majority of mosque going Muslims are either facilitating suspicious activities or deliberately ignoring them. Some of the well-meaning Muslims failed to report terrorism without realising it, e.g. even going to such mosques for Jumma prayers essentially means that they are becoming helper in providing cover for the terrorists.
Third Question : Can British Muslim communities do more? Well once again the writer was clever enough not to explain what British Muslim communities can do more. In fact the writer deliberately tried to tone down the terrorism by calling it just a criminal activity. Terrorism is not just an ordinary criminality, therefore “Challenging criminality where we see it (sic.)” is not just enough.
Now let me put the real question, when British “Muslims” go to mosques, wear hijab, keep beard and create a false stereotype of Muslim by focusing on the shared rituals between terrorists and ordinary Muslims are they not helping terrorism? The answer is Yes. British Muslims can easily move away from the “Islam” that terrorists subscribe too, they can easily isolate and distinguish the extremists by developing their own different identity. An identity that is closer to the Western values (the original Islam has always been a progressive religion that easily mixed with Indian, Chinese, European cultures and civilisations historically). Muslims will have to do more, a lot more in order to help eradicating terrorism otherwise they must be ready to face the policies of Trump and should not hide behind terms like “Islamophobia” and “fear-mongering”.