Muslims suffer as Salafi Extremist Mafia furthers exclusionist hateful ideology – by Agha Shaukat Jafri



The global Salafi Mafia, which considers itself to be the sole body of adherents of Islamic faith has concocted a perilous policy of not permitting Christians and Jews to either establish a formal place of worship or openly practice their religion in these Muslim lands. This is despite the fact that during the time of the Prophet of Islam, both Christians and Jews were able to practice their faiths with total freedom. Moreover, the Christians and Jews, as members of Abrahamic faiths were recognized as fellow community members by the prophet of Islam, his companions and the Muslim Ummah co-existed with them.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar- supposedly the most reliable allies of the United States and the rest of the West, where majority of the population is predominantly Christian- prohibit building a church or for that matter any formal place of worship for their Christian, Jewish and Hindu expatriates who number in thousands. Likewise, Turkey with centuries old history of housing quite a few beautifully architectured Churches, now under President Reccep Tayyep Erdogan’s Salafi government discourages both the building or renovating of such places of worship.

In the meanwhile, the pious and peaceful Muslim community of Baskin Ridge, New Jersey becomes the victim of an injustice provoked not by the Islamaphobic mind-set of the Bernards Township Citizens for Responsible Government, it is entirely being caused by the acrimonious acts of those evil geniuses of modern day Salafism. As a matter of record, thousands of Christians, Yazidis and people of other faiths are being slaughtered by the bloodthirsty gangs of Al-Qaida, Al-Nusra and ISIS, who are well known mercenaries of the Salafi States of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.