Valentine’s Day – Why so much hue and cry? – by Hasan Naqvi


In today’s era some of the days which are newly created to be celebrated in the society are gaining popularity day by day. In such days is “Valentine’s Day”. This day is commonly celebrated in every society of the world as the symbol of love.

In Pakistan we have different types of the people having different thoughts and approaches on this topic. Some consider it as good sign and some of them take it as serious step against the teachings of Islam. It’s true that we are living in such country where Islam is in practice and Sharia’s do not allow to have such friendships which could be harmful and as well as sinful.

Let’s take a closer look. Does a man only love his girlfriend? Or vice versa? Or a person can love his parents, children, siblings etc. Valentine’s Day’s approach is to express love for your beloved ones. If it is done on one special day what is wrong in this? People do celebrate father’s day or mother’s day to express their love and sympathy to them. Similarly Valentine’s Day’s approach is same.

On the other hand some people who are so called religious scholars or leaders says that expressing love for beloved ones is “Haram” and it has no place in Islam. Oh Really!! You are celebrating day of Modesty instead. Is this also really existing in Quran? For special day. I think day of modesty is for every day. Similarly expressing love has no special day or if people are celebrating it on special day let them celebrate. I hope someone will send you Red Balloons too.

One more interesting fact is some people say this day is Jewish conspiracy etc. Oh dear peoples get a life. If it is Jewish conspiracy and you have to boycott this day then also boycott the valuables you are using such as mobiles, laptops and also you are often drinking some beverages of same conspiracy. Be smart and get out of this non serious issue. There are many issues regarding prosperity of country waiting to resolve. Thank You.



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