Adil Msood Butt, Dr Israr Ahmed’s follower involved in Safoora massacre in Karachi – Riaz Malik Hajjaji



“In the year 2000, Adil Butt became a follower of Dr Israr Ahmed and joined Tanzeem-i-Islami. He met Khalid Yusuf Bari, Sheba Ahmed and Dr Akmal Waheed through TI.” DAWN, December 19th, 2015.

This is the same Adil Butt whose Deobandi-Salafi terrorist cell massacred close to 50 Shia Ismailis at Safoora Goth in Karachi.

While some Pakistani liberals love to selectively bash Maudodi, few if any go after Israr Ahmed – a virulent Nasibi bigot. Its quite likely that Israr Ahmed shares the anti-Shia bigotry of some well disguised Pakistani and expat commentators who portray themselves as liberal-progressive. However, scratch a little deeper and one can easily locate the frothing (Haq Nawaz) Jhangvi hidden inside.

Isn’t it curious that Maudodi’s “Khilafat aur Maulookiyat” is one book that is carefully neglected by both the Jamaat e Islami and (Fake) liberals.

This book by Maudodi refutes the rose-tinted concept of the original caliphate in Islam as representing some sort of a “Golden Age”. Such a refutation would be crucial in combating ISIS ideologically today because ISIS also holds the same beliefs of establishing a supremacist and totalitarian Caliphate.

Curiously, a section of Pakistan’s liberals continue to portray the soft spoken Nasibi Takfiri, Javed Ghamdi as a “moderate” even though this is the same Ghamidi who obliquely justifies Muawiya’s civil war against Imam Ali at Siffin (modern day Raqqa).

While Javed Ghamdi, an artful employer of what پیجا مستری correctly labels the “doctrine of best deception” brands himself as a moderate on secondary issues, on the core ideology of justifying power by any means, Ghamdi and his vicious denigration of Shia and Sunni cultural traditions, is no better than a typical frothing Jhangvi – just less frothing and more insidious.